Friday, March 5, 2021

How Can I Transition to a Plant Based Diet When I Love ______? (fill in the bad food)


I thought I would do a post on some of the most common responses to my vegan lifestyle and plant diet. I find that there are generally just a few common reactions to the way we live as plant based eaters.

With yesterday’s radio interview, I have already had a few e-mails from people, and mostly they have the same response:

“That is so great for you! BUT…. “

So today the common response is “I love (fill in bad food) too much to be able to give it up!”

This one is funny. Because I didn’t just wake up one day and decide that I all of a sudden didn’t like cheese or ice-cream or french fries. It was not as though I just got sick of those foods and decided – “Hey! I don’t even like cheese anymore, so I might as well go vegan!”

No, far from it actually. Instead it was that I LOVED cheese and I would have given my right leg for a good cheese sandwich and instead I made the CHOICE to give it up, despite my love affair with it.

I don’t know many vegans or plant-strong people who stopped eating meat/eggs/dairy because they just stopped liking the taste of those things. It is generally a very conscience decision to better your life, the life of other beings and to better the planet, even though you happen to really enjoy the taste of certain foods.

I suppose it would be similar to a smoker giving up smoking. I doubt many people who give up smoking all of sudden out of the blue just don’t like the taste of cigarettes one day and just decide to give up smoking for good. Instead, like food, it is a very deliberate decision on their part and usually one that takes a bit of hard work to accomplish.

If you are considering the vegan lifestyle, please know that it’s not about you figuring out how to not like the taste of certain foods (at least at first). It’s about making a decision that you are not going to consume those things, despite how much you might like them. Those foods do you absolutely no good, and in fact are probably doing you a lot of harm (just like smoking would for someone). Not to mention those foods (meat/dairy/eggs) are causing so much harm to other living beings, so much pain and hurt, and despite your enjoyment for the taste of them, it might be time to weigh the consequences of the decisions you make in regards to food.

Your tastes will change over time, but at first it will be hard to get past your addictions to certain foods. I suggest writing a list of all of the reasons you would like to make this really wonderful change in your life. Be aware that you indeed have a choice not to consume those things, and decide that you are strong enough to make those choices.

It’s not about liking or not liking something – it’s about making the choice to do what is best.


  1. Bill

    This was me, exactly. I was a red meat guy. I love a good steak, a good burger, tacos with meat, you get the picture.

    I had to make the decision, first for my health, to give up meat. It was not easy.

    I am happy to say that a year later the temptation is nearly gone, but it took a while. I hate when my other male friends tell me how much they love meat and how they hate tofu, or vegetables, as if I just happened to LOVE tofu and vegetables.

  2. Go vegan!

    I was never a big fan of meat so there was no love loss on that one. I ate cheese in my pre-vegan days but not so much that I was lost without it. Being vegan just came naturally for me.

    I do know people who tell me that they can’t give up cheese. It is to hard or it is to hard to eat at a restaurant and be vegan. It is an excuse to me.

    I don’t like sounding like I am holy when it comes to being vegan. But come on now, if a diet can save your life, reverse diabetes, lower cholesterol, as well as lower your risk of cancer and heart attacks. The answer should be “yes”. I can live without certain foods if it means I am going to live longer, feel better, and not rely on medication. Go vegan!

  3. Nat

    I totally agree Kris! Although I was definitely one of those food addicts that cried my eyes out because I couldn’t eat cheese – it was pretty sad… despite knowing how terrible all of it was – I still had a hard time.
    Now I look back and want to slap my former self upside the head 🙂

  4. Bonnie

    I think this is a brilliant article. I loved bacon until I saw pigs being transported to slaughter. Suddenly, with that vision right in front of me, I lost the taste for bacon.

    I never lost the taste for cheese. But I did lose the cloud of unawareness I was living in about the conditions on dairy farms.

    Now that I’m aware, I’ll have no cheese, please. Nor ice cream, nor milk.

    The animals come first.

    And you can be vegan without ever touching tofu, guys make such a big deal about tofu as if it were poison or something; when in fact the steaks they eat are what contains the poison. We just had a huge meat recall in Canada. It’s becoming old news.

  5. Alex

    What I say to people who say they could never give up cheese or eggs or whichever animal based food because they like the taste so much, is that because I love food so much and I realise that I am fortunate enough to live in a country where there is an abundance of choice, moving away from cheese and all that was actually not too hard.
    There are a lot of things other than cheese that taste delicious and that you have probably not tasted yet.
    I love good food, and I eat a lot more variety of it since I have been vegan

  6. Alex

    Oh yes some people say to me ‘I love food too much, I could never give up X, Y or Z’.
    Trust me: I love food too I really do!

  7. whole food eater

    Aaah, EXACTLY. I get so frustrated with that response. People hear that I’m a vegetarian, that I don’t eat eggs and hardly any dairy, and assume I’m some magical being who just never liked the taste of meat, never craves it, nothing. Everyone is so quick to point out it would be hard for them to go vegetarian – not realizing it was hard for me too! It’s just motivation.

I went on a plant based diet after diabetes almost took my life. Now, almost 2 years later not only have I reduced my type 2 diabetes symptoms, I have lost close to 200 pounds (and still losing). This is a place where I write about my journey as I continue the quest for health, and living a good life for today, and long into the future. Get hold of me on

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