Wednesday, January 27, 2021

PLAY in The Game of Life


I just walked by a co-worker in the hallway and when I asked him how it was going in his section, he said to me, “SSDD.” As I went back to my office, I thought for a moment about what that stands for. Maybe you know, but sometimes these catchy phrases go over my head!

The SS came to me easily it meant “same stuff.” I quickly realized that he meant Same Stuff Different Day. Ugh! I can’t imagine feeling that my life is the “same stuff.” I feel blessed that my life is so rich!

Recently I heard something else for the first time (I just fell off the turnip truck, really green behind the ears). The phrase is “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play.” I heard this from my friend and business associate, Ellen Hicks. She was expressing to me her excitement over being a partner in a spiritual business with me. When I ask Ellen how her day is, I never hear “SSDD.” Ellen is never into the same stuff, different day mode of living!

Neither is my friend Judee, who is the publisher of Kaleidoscope Magazine! An adventurous soul, I’ve learned so much from my mentor (and business associate) Judee Pouncey. So, what is it that makes Ellen and Judee stand out from the rest of the crowd? It’s the attitude found in the words, “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!” It’s a willingness to really put yourself out there, a willingness to grow, to stretch, to live life to the fullest!

Maybe it’s also a little faith, the faith of a mustard seed that Ellen and Judee possess. They both could be considered risk takers; Ellen, when she packed up and moved to Sedona to sell timeshare condos and Judee when she quit the state, bungee jumped and started her own spiritual publication! And now, we are all in business together, teaching others how to do the same!

Are you ready to play in the game? Is there something- a business, a class, a new or improved relationship that you’ve been putting off, but now are ready to really jump in and see what you’ve got to give? Do you possess a passion that has yet to be unleashed? Maybe it’s time to make a move, be a big player in this game of life!

Many astrologers, psychics and other “experts” are saying that the times are really changing. The ways we express ourselves here on planet Earth is shifting. Our government systems, political structures, even our relationships with one another etc. are changing to reflect our spiritual growth. It is a process, but many people are picking up the bat and are ready to get in the game. The game of following their hearts, allowing their passion to be expressed, of living from spirit so to speak.

So, what is next for you if you are wanting to be a player? How do you get in the game? For me, I use the principles of Abraham, found at These principles help me to get clear on what I don’t want, so I can get clear on what I do want! They help me see that my soul or inner being is communicating with me all day long through my intuition and emotions, guiding me to my highest good!

I use negative emotion to fine tune my desires, then I “pivot” my attention towards more of what I’d like in my life, a little more free time, more money, a fit lean body, lots of love, etc.. I allow myself
to FEEL the positive emotion as if I’ve already attracted these into my life. I act “as if” these new qualities are already manifested.

Then I let it go for the Universe to bring to me. Kind of like going into a restaurant, I look at the menu and place my order, then I let the chef cook up my fine meal! I follow my inspiration along the way, “coincidences” happen and I meet the right people at the right time. I express the right words and take the right actions that bring to me the opportunities that are for my soul’s freedom, growth and joy! I trust this process! I’ve seen it work over the past six years of my life and I witness it every day in the lives of my friends Ellen and Judee.

Take some time today to envision yourself in the ballgame. Get excited about a trip, a hobby, or a business opportunity and know that it is there for your continued joy, growth and prosperity. In your meditation, or your quiet time, speak to the Universe (substitute your word for your higher power) and say, “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!”


  1. Jen

    Today is National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. No, really.

    The lumpy, protective plastic wrap is being lauded not only for its practical purposes, but also for the pleasure it brings countless American office workers.

    Started as a promotional gimmick, today’s celebration has caught on with the public and has been added officially to Chase’s Calendar of Events.

    Turns out, the urge to pop bubble wrap is a healthy one, Dr. Kathleen Hall, author of “Alter Your Life,” said in a telephone interview.

    “It has to do with playfulness. Other than meditation and yoga, playfulness is the best stress reliever we have.”

    Hall advises workers to hold onto bubble wrap when it comes in. “Don’t throw it out, save it,” she said, “and twice a week pop (it).” Laugh, dance around your office, listen to your favorite music, she advises, and hope your boss realizes a laugh-filled office is a more productive one.

    “Some bosses don’t like laughter because it’s uncontrollable,” she said, but its positive effects are immediate. “It really changes your immune system. Laughter increases heart and respiration rates, it increases oxygen to the body, it reduces stress hormones and produces endorphins.”

    Doubt it? Hall said science and technology back her up.

    “We have the technology. With blood chemistries and MRIs, we can literally study and test people on the effects of laughter and playfulness,” she said.

    The business world is starting to take notice, too. The effects of stress are costly to both workers and the companies they serve.

    “We spend $300 billion a year on the effects of stress — health insurance claims, productivity, days off, sick days, worker’s compensation. Everything is tied up into accumulated stress in the workplace.”

    Google, which created the wildly popular and profitable Internet search engine, is an example of corporations that get it, Hall said. On its Web site, Google lists the top 10 reasons people should work there. No. 4 is “Work and play are not mutually exclusive. It is possible to code and pass the puck at the same time.”

    Hall, who also serves as a business consultant, said major corporations in Atlanta, near her home base of Clarkesville, Ga., are competing for high-level employees. Creating a playful atmosphere “attracts forward thinkers,” she said, and is a good retention tool.

    What to do if your corporate mindset is all work and no play? “Take it upon yourself,” Hall said. “Don’t underestimate the power of nature. We are tied to nature. If you get outside for just 10 minutes, it changes your biorhythms. It connects you to something greater than a laptop or desk.”

    Play with color in your office or cubicle. “Color is huge,” Hall said. She has seen firsthand its power to soothe and sometimes heal. Wear your favorite color. If you’re surrounded by neutral tones, tack a piece of colored cloth to your wall.
    And when all else fails — surrender, she said. Laugh at the absurdity of your stress level, then stop and have a great cup of coffee — or pop some bubble wrap.

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