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Pole Dancing Courses


Pole dancing, once thought to be taboo, and only practiced in strip clubs, has actually become a very popular pastime. It is also now a popular form of exercise, and classes are offered at a variety of health clubs and spas, as well as private lessons. Many people participate in pole dancing to stay in shape, while others will participate in this activity to spice things up sexually. Naturally, many women will want to learn pole dancing for employment purposes as well.

Pole dancing can be sexy, fun, and great exercise. As we continue to progress as humans, and don’t feel the need to think that anything sexy is dirty or should be avoided, we have more interest in pole dancing.

It is important to realize that pole dancing isn’t just for women, although women participate in this activity more than men. Many men are getting into this activity as well.

In terms of employment, some men and women will learn pole dancing as a way to earn a living as an exotic dancer. Others will learn pole dancing to become an instructor, or to lead a pole dancing exercise class. If you plan to put your pole dancing lessons to use in order to make a living, the amount of money that you earn from pole dancing will vary depending on the industry that you choose, the area where you live, and the demand for your services.

Pole dancing isn’t just for beautiful women who are barely clothed or naked. People of all ages and sizes can participate in this beneficial activity. Exercise clothing that allows your body to move freely is essential, however.

Pole dancing lessons can be found just about anywhere these days. Private instruction is usually preferred – at least at first. This can be done in the privacy of your own home with a private instructor, or with the use of a video course. Because pole dancing is relatively new as an exercise, there is no certification for this type of exercise as of yet, but that will likely change in the near future.

Course Resources

Course Title: Pole Dance Course
Company Name: Pole Dance School
Location: Las Vegas,  Nevada, United States
Description: This is a home study course that lasts for about one year. This school also has portable poles that they will sell to students who need them.
Resources: http://www.poledanceschool.com/

Course Title: Fitness Pole Dancing
Company Name: Fitness Pole Dancing
Location: Cromford Road, Langley Mill, Nottingham, NG16 4HA, United Kingdom
Description: This course is taught with the help of online videos, and the student just pays a small subscription fee to access the videos anytime they choose to. The videos can be downloaded as well.
Resources: http://www.fitnesspoledancing.com/

Course Title: Pole Fitness Classes
Company Name: Vertical Dance
Location: 45 Priory Street, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 ODE
Description: This school offers online classes and location classes. They do sell poles for students, as well as other pole dancing accessories.
Resources: http://www.verticaldance.com/

Course Title: Various Pole Dancing Courses
Company Name: Exotic Dance Central
Location: 12 East 32nd Street, 2nd Floor, New York, New York, United States
Description: This school offers a wide range of in person pole dancing classes, which have different lengths, and different levels. Weekend intensive workshops are also available.
Resources: http://www.exoticdancecentral.com/home.html

Course Title: Pole Fitness Classes
Company Name: Pole Fitness Studio
Location: 7582 Las Vegas Blvd., Suite #445, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Description: This is an ongoing class that not only teaches you how to pole dance, but also holds regular classes to help keep you in practice and in shape.
Resources: http://www.polefitnessstudio.com/

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