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Portion Control: Plate Size for Weight Loss


Simple portion control tips can help you to maintain your weight. Eating smaller servings is one way to cut calories, but it’s also very challenging!

A practical way to keep track of the servings of food you’re eating is to visualize it. 1) The palm of your hand would equal a serving of protein. 2) Two fists would equal a serving of vegetables. 3) A tightened fist would equal a serving of pasta or potatoes.

Here are a few Simple Portion Control Tips

Favorite Foods
You can still eat your favorite foods, but cut the servings in half. Take your time eating, at least 20 minutes to allow your brain to register with your stomach that it’s full.

No Bags
You have to have those potato chips! If you’re going to indulge, don’t eat from the bag. Instead put a few chips in a dish, put the bag away and enjoy.

Trigger Foods
Buy foods you know you can’t resist in small packages or single servings.

When you really want a snack, choose a nice piece of fruit or some veggies with low calorie dip.

Plan Your Menu!
If you can get in the habit of planning your meals, you’ll have everything available you need to make them. By doing that, you can stick to your menu and still have portion control.

Eating out?
Ask for half or smaller portions. If that’s not available, ask for a doggie bag. Split your food in half, put half in your doggie bag, and enjoy your meal!

Taking Seconds
Choose salads or vegetables for seconds instead of higher-fat, higher-calorie parts of a meal such as desserts or meats.

Cooking Large Batches of Food
When you cook a large batch of food, freeze what you won’t use right away. Be proactive by preventing the temptation to use up the leftovers so they don’t spoil.

Skipping Meals
Don’t skip a meal. Chances are you’ll overeat or snack on the wrong foods.

Avoid “Large”
Order a small diet drink to reduce calories instead of a larger drink. Even better, order water with a lemon wedge!

Start Cleaning Up
When you’re finished eating, clear the table immediately. If the food is out of your sight, you won’t help yourself to “seconds” that you’re probably not hungry enough to eat anyway.

USDA Guidelines

The USDA Food Guide Pyramid is a great source to check the portion sizes and ensure you get the daily nutrients you need. You can download it below. You can also download the New Food Guide Pyramid.

Download the USDA Food Guide Pyramid PDF file
You can click on File, Save as, and save it to your hard drive. You can also print it out for reference.

Stalled Weight Loss Program?

Studies show that portion control can be the answer to stalled progress in your weight loss plan.

One strategy to reduce the amount of food you eat and therefore the calories you consume, is to decrease your plate size.

The size of your plate makes a psychological difference on how much food you eat.

Bigger plate, more food looks like less and so more food is eaten and more calories consumed.

Smaller plate size, and the amount of food seems like more and so generally less food is eaten

If you have a plate that let’s say is 12 inches in diameter and you have a plate that is 8 inches in diameter. Well you can put the same amount of food on the 12 inch diameter plate and the same amount of food on the eight inch diameter plate.

But visually they look very different when you have the 12 inch plate.

Visually it looks larger.

So you’re going to probably put more food on that 12 inch plate which is going to increase your calories and will ultimately can cause weight gain.

But when you have that eight inch plate you put that same amount of food on it it looks a lot bigger.

So visually it’s going to help you.

So after you eat this food you’re going to think wow I feel better and I feel more full.

I’m a big fan of basketball.

So if I stand next to Stephen Curry I’m probably going to look pretty similar in size to Stephen Curry. He’s going to be a little bit taller than me, but if I stand next to Shaquille O’Neal I’m going to look like a very small guy.

For example when you go to a French restaurant they tend to use very large plates.

So what this does is it actually distorts our view of perception about how much food we’re actually getting.

So in reality they’re serving you a normal portion size but it just looks so much smaller because of the big plates.

In contrast when you go to Spanish restaurants and they give you the tapas plates, they are very small.

So the food that you’re getting in reality actually isn’t that much, but because the plates are small, you feel like you’re getting a good amount of food when you decrease your plate size.

You’re making a conscious effort to decrease the calories that you’re taking for the day. Which when it comes to weight loss is what it is all about.

If you can continually find ways to decrease the amount of calories you consume as well as burn more calories through workout and exercise, you will lose weight. It’s just science and it’s just that simple.

This strategy of changing plate sizes and portion control is very helpful and it’s a very easy one to implement.

So I hope you go out there and buy some smaller plates and I hope you see the big difference it can make.

Sophie Jones
Sophie Jones leads detox and weight loss retreats around the world from Bali to Costa Rica and many more places in between. Join her on her quest to help her clients lose weight, fully detoxify and begin a new healthy lifestyle.

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