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Psychodrama is a therapy that helps people to tap into their emotional state and gain new insights into their relationships and interactions with people around them. It helps people to understand more about how their behaviour or actions could be perceived by other people, assisting them to create more positive connections and develop new social skills.

What Is Psychodrama?

Psychodrama is a form of psychotherapy that creates opportunities in groups for people to interact and gain insight through action methods, sociometry, role playing and analysing group dynamics. As well as having a place assisting patients with mental and emotional health difficulties, psychodrama is also commonly used as a training tool in business and education. The facilitator of the session can use the interactive period to assist with helping people develop insights into how they conduct relationship and interactions with others. In business settings, the role playing can be a means of understanding and developing leadership and team work skills for the workplace.

About Psychodrama Therapy

In the psychodrama session, the individual is able to participate in recreated life situations to gain a deeper understanding of group dynamics and learn from and support other group members. The dramatic role playing can help the individual to develop new skills and focus on actions in a specific scenario. In the course of the psychodrama session, participants have a unique and supportive environment in which to learn, adopt and practice appropriate behaviours. Working with the group, individuals can evaluate the effectiveness of the behaviour. The use of interaction in a ‘real time’ situation means that the therapy can increase understanding in a manner that may not be achieved with more traditional forms of therapy.

The Positive Outcomes of Psychodrama

Through psychodrama, the individual finds a means to increase their responsiveness to others and learn more about how others respond to their actions. By providing the individual to participate in this group interaction, whether in a business, education or therapeutic setting, the goal of psychodrama is to help the individual reach their full potential. Psychodrama can be helpful for overcoming grief, developing new social skills, during rehabilitation following head trauma, aiding autistic children to build the means for social interaction and for helping people to build stronger leadership skills in the workplace. Through group work, the supportive and learning element of the therapy is enhanced, so that people can build better firsthand understanding of the impact of their actions towards others.

Psychodrama can be a powerful form of therapy and an exciting and useful teaching tool. Group interaction can add a new dimension to the understanding developed in the therapy session, exceeding the potential of traditional verbal therapies. The insights can increase self-esteem and help to restore confidence and social capability for the participant.

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