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Psychotherapy Degree


If you want to become a psychotherapist, you should note that there really is no such thing as a psychotherapy degree. Instead, you would first become a psychologist or therapist, and then take courses that would enable you to practice psychotherapy. Other fields that are suitable for psychotherapy include mental health nurses, mental health professionals, and psychiatry.

There are many occupational opportunities in the field of psychotherapy. Psychotherapists work in private practices, in research labs, schools, hospitals, and a variety of other settings. There are also a number of different specializations in the field of psychotherapy. For example, you might choose to be an adult psychotherapist, a child psychotherapist, an adolescent psychotherapist, or even a marriage and family psychotherapist.

The psychotherapist helps people using one or more different techniques – known as modalities – to deal with emotional problems, stress related issues, habits and addictions, and even to heal relationships. Most modalities are based on talking with the client. Through these ‘talks,’ the psychotherapist helps the person to connect what is going on in their minds – or their psyche – in relations to what is going on in their lives. They often will explore the clients past experiences and how they related to that persons life today as well.

As a psychotherapist, you can find employment in a variety of medically related practices, but many psychotherapists choose to open their own independent practices, as these are usually more lucrative. The amount of money that you earn annually will depend on many factors, including your education and experience, where your practice is located, the form of psychotherapy that you practice, and more. However, psychotherapists never make less than $80,000 annually, and more often than not they make six figures annually.

Again, it can take many years to become a psychotherapist, but the first step is to obtain a career in a related field, and then to further your education to become a well trained psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy Online Information

Course Title: Core Curriculum in Clinical Application of the Psychodynamic Psychotherapies
Name of Company: Jamaica Hospital Medical Center
Location: 8900 Van Wyck Expressway, Jamaica, New York, United States
Description: This program is only open to those who are already social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and registered nurses who have psychiatric experience. The program of study is affiliated with the Advanced Center for Psychotherapy, and is chartered by the Regents of the University of the State of New York.
Resources: http://www.jamaicahospital.org/

Course Title: Various Psychotherapy Courses
Name of Company: Brigham Young University
Location: Provo, Utah, United States
Description: BYU offers many different psychotherapy degree programs, available to graduate students. Many of the courses available are offered online as well, to make it easier for those who are already members of the work force to continue their education.
Resources: http://www.byu.edu/webapp/home/index.jsp

Course Title: Various Psychotherapy Courses
Name of Company: University of Minnesota
Location: Psychology Department, N218 Elliott Hall, 75 East River Road, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Description: Because Psychotherapy courses are only offered to graduate students, you will need to contact the school directly to get information regarding the various psychotherapy courses available. Note that many courses are also available through the school, in an online environment.
Resources: http://www.psych.umn.edu/

Course Title: Various Psychotherapy Courses
Name of Company: Texas Tech University
Location: 2500 Broadway, Lubbock, Texas, United States
Description: Texas Tech offers a variety of Psychology Degrees, all of which would entitle the student to become a licensed psychotherapist. This includes Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Educational Psychology, and Experimental Psychology.
Resources: http://www.ttu.edu/

Course Title: Various Psychotherapy Courses
Name of Company: East Carolina University
Location: East Fifth Street, Greenville, North Carolina, United States
Description: East Carolina University offers several psychology degree programs, which would enable a student to become a licensed psychotherapist. With that said, the two main Doctorate degree programs that are offered in the field are Medical Family Therapy and Health Psychology.
Resources: http://www.ecu.edu/

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