Saturday, September 19, 2020

Tell Us: Ever Had a Strange Reaction To Raw Food?


About a month ago I was at a store that was serving free samples of raw smoothies. The store was serving little cups of raw brazil nut milk flavored with a little raw cacao. It sounded delicious, and looked divine! The size of this sample was approximately 2 oz. and served in a small cup.

I took a sip. Instantly, my throat became itchy. Thinking little of the reaction, I drank a little more of this chocolate smoothie. My throat became more itchy, so I decided to drink a little water. Eventually I started to lose my voice, and my throat started to swell up. It was then that I realized I was having an allergic reaction.

Me! A clean happy raw foodist! Why me?!

I drove home, continued to drink water, and rested for the remainder of the day.

Weeks have passed, and Justin and I have been asking other raw foodies if they have ever had that experience before. After the experience I continue to think about my reaction. I have been eating raw food in very large amounts for over three years. How could this happen to me?

Since the experience Justin and I have asked others if they have had any similar experiences. We are amazed however at the many stories we have heard from raw foodists who have some sort of an allergic reaction to fruits, vegetables, or nuts and seeds that are conventional. We heard one story of someone who gets rashes from conventional peaches or apples. One person has reactions to cashews that are not “truly raw” but can eat “really raw cashews” by the pound.

Multiple people have asked me one question: were the brazil nuts organic? Apparently conventional brazil nuts are known to cause a reaction. I am not sure if the brazil nuts were organic or not, but I do know I had a reaction. I recently walked on the wild side and ate one organic brazil nut, cautiously, with no reaction.


So! Have you ever had a strange reaction to raw foods? Or perhaps some strange allergic reaction to something else? Tell us about it!

My name is Heidi, and I have been eating a raw food diet since 2004. Before I found raw food, I have tried all sorts of different ways of eating including: standard vegetarian, fare, vegan, food, macrobiotic, Marilu Henner's programs, food combining, slow food, and more, I followed along on social and did everything I could. I understood the idea of Raw Food since I first learned of it in 2000, but it wasn't until 2004 that I started making raw food a daily part of my life.

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