Monday, June 1, 2020

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Fat


These 5 common things are the reason why as much as 83% of women don’t lose weight on their diet or detox.

1. Your stress levels are too high:

Stress is triggered in the subconscious mind and stimulates a physical response in our bodies. It is thought to send a signal to our bodies to burn calories slower and to retain as much fat and water as possible. The reason, is because this very same stress response that we trigger in our day to day lives, was almost exclusively triggered by the threat of drought or famine. So our bodies natural response is to increase our water and fat stores.

2. Your activity level is too low:

If you are not moving around enough and getting enough exercise, your body is not burning glycogen and it is instead being stored as fat (for use at another time). Whilst, if you were to go for a daily brisk walk or were to doing some cardio exercise, your body would burn the glycogen and it would not be stored as fat.

3. You’re consuming too many calories:

Calories are a measurement of energy. If you are consuming more energy than you are burning off through regular exercise, than there will be an excess of calories in your body. This excess of calories will be stored as fat. it is important to determine your calorie set point. The amount of calories your body needs to maintain your body weight as it is now. This is also known as your RMR or resting metabolic rate. You can go here to calculate your RMR. Once you know this, you can begin to reduce your calories by 100 calories at a time. This will cause your body to lose weight.

4. You’re not eating healthy foods:

Whilst you may think that eating peanut butter and other processed “health foods” are good for you. They are actually packing on calorie after calorie. Whilst some of these foods are good in small doses, eating too much processed foods is a recipe for disaster. Rather, snack on carrots or drink a vegetable juice when you need something to boost you up.

5. You’re eating excess simple carbohydrates:

Carbs are essential for energy. They are digested and broken down to glycogen and utilized by the body for energy. However, not all carbs are created equal. Swap simple carbs like sugar and white flour products, for complex carbs, like vegetables. And of course, ensure that you are getting in regular exercise to burn off the glycogen in your system.


  1. Nellie

    I am on the Sophie Jones detox cleanse and have finally started to lose some weight yet don’t know for how long. I often go through phases where I will indeed be losing some weight but only to stop quite suddenly and put often a lot more on afterwards. So far so good though so I shall continue!

  2. Amy

    I have tried everything to the fat on my belly – my diet is good, I am eating mostly vegan, I am doing exercise 3 times per week yet still I can’t seem to lose much weight. Are there any more thing s I can do?

  3. Sharon Casey

    Back when I was dieting to lose 80lbs, I found out the not getting enough sleep was causing me to lose weight more slowly. As soon as I started to go to bed at a decent hour regularly, there wasn’t a problem anymore.

  4. H.J

    I’m totally guilt of the first sin mentioned here. I stress out about my kids, and about my parents health and sometimes about my husbands long hours (meaning everything is on my shoulders). One thing that has helped in the past 2 months is taking 15 minutes for myself. All I do during those 15 minutes is think about positive things and I concentrate on my breathing to calm me down. It has really helped me feel better and less stressed.

  5. Loraine~

    I have an office job which automatically gives me a disadvantage I guess… Sitting all day AND having stress make me feel uneasy everyday…
    It became painful to see myself. Are there any tips for office workers?

  6. jeanine lopez

    Too many calories always gets me! My stress levels tend to get higher as I plateau and I think that might even be the cause of the plateaus now that I read this post.

  7. Elena

    Well, it seems now I know what to do…it seems I’ve been stress-eating and procrastineating my way to being 5 lbs larger in the last months :/ Guess it’s time to make a change!
    I mean, I knew all of these were must not’s, but I didn’t realise I was doing them until I read your article.
    I love your blog, thank you for this article!

  8. Claudette

    Before, I tried exercising but I was not eating healthy. I kept cutting out my meals thinking the less I eat, the more I will lose weight. But what happened is the opposite. I gained more weight. I then learned that even if you sweat it out in the gym always, if you don’t eat healthy foods, then you won’t get good results. I slowly changed my eating habits and started increasing my intakes of fruits and vegetables. That is when I started losing pounds.

  9. Heather

    I am guilty with the first too because I work at home as a freelance writer and I end up spending more time in front of my computer. I eat while I work because of the stress, I tend to eat more that makes me gain more weight. OMG! Now I know what to do. Thank you!

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