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Reese Witherspoon: Diet Meal Plans, Exercise & Detox


Everyone loves Reese Witherspoon. But how does she keep in such magnificent shape through her career and stay so healthy even now?

In her forties now Reese continues to be in amazing shape. What is she doing in her diet and exercise plans that keeps her so detoxed, young and healthy?

Workout Routine

You may not know this, yet the way her body looks should give you an indication: Reese Witherspoon is one of the most fit and active celebrities in the industry.

Instead of trying to take the easy route of very low calorie diets, or starvation of extreme dieting, instead Reese likes to workout.

One of the ways she keeps her body so brilliant, slim and attractive is by running. She runs many times per week and absolutely loves it. The only thing she doesn’t enjoy when on her running workouts outdoors, is the paparazzi… but that just kind of goes with the territory when you’re a top celebrity actress.

In addition to her daily cardio exercises of running, jogging, walking and going on hikes, Reese Witherspoon likes to do a number of other healthy workouts.

Reese loves to do Yoga classes where she can really stretch out her entire body and loosen up her muscles, release stress and rejuvenate her mind. She also does Pilates for similar reasons yet also to burn more fat because Pilates can be a very intensive exercise too.

There have been many occasions where Reese Witherspoon has had to lose weight for a movie and with her workout and motivation she has been able to lose the weight and get into shape for every part.

Diet Plan

When it comes to Reese Witherspoon’s diet plan she keeps things healthy here too. She is not fanatical and doesn’t need to be. She knows that the amount of calories she burns through workout and exercise affords her the luxury of eating some of her favorite foods too.

It’s okay to eat some cake and tarts, pie, and so on, when you exercise like Reese does!

Reese Witherspoon strongly believes in finding ways to speed up her metabolism which allows her to be more relaxed about what she eats and when. By focusing on her workouts during the day she then eats at her leisure afterwards. And because she has already sped up her metabolism with exercise, her body quickly burns off the excess fat from her foods and she stays in great shape all year round with this plan.

Reese Witherspoon Comments

Do you know more about how Reese Witherspoon stays in shape? Let us know!


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