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Rehabilitation Therapy


Rehabilitation therapy or Rehab refers to the therapeutic treatment to aid in healing following an illness or injury.   There are various forms of rehabilitative therapies and they all strive toward helping people to recover from problems or challenges to restore the ability to function at their best possible level. Depending on the illness or injury a person may require more than one type of rehabilitation.


Physical or Occupational Rehabilitation Therapy

Physical and Occupational therapies focus on strengthening muscles and helping to relieve pain.  A qualified physical therapists will gently move and exercise the patient’s limbs to help build strength when the patient is too weak to do it on their own.  They are able to fit patients with devices such as canes, walkers and other medical equipment to make life easier for the patient to be self sufficient while regaining their independence.

Occupational therapists help with fine motor skills.  Through various exercises and repetitive motions they can help people regain some of the fine motor skills necessary to perform such tasks as buttoning their own shirts or learn to tie their shoes again. They are able to suggest and instruct patients to use devices such as extension reachers, or extended shoe horns to enable them to regain independence in many areas of their lives.  They have all sorts of nifty devices to make your life much easier and are happy to share them with you.  Their goal is for you to live as independently as possible.

Speech Rehabilitation Therapy

Speech therapy helps those who have speaking difficulties such as stroke patients relearn to communicate.  They are also able to help people who have damaged communication skills related to brain injury.  People with difficult reasoning skills or memory loss can be helped to improve their condition in forming coherent speech, their ability to speak more clearly with the aid of learning devices and comprehension materials.  These specialized therapists are able to help those who have difficulty swallowing or speaking and communicating their needs.  They can help an impaired person by giving back the gift of communication.

Drug or Alcohol Rehabilitation Therapy

Substance abuse rehabilitation therapy may include several different components.  These may include medications and counseling and they vary from short to long term treatment programs. Usually the first month of this type of rehab is a residential program followed by outpatient rehab treatment with weekly sessions for follow-up care.

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