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Reiki Certification


As our world changes and more people seek natural forms of healing, Reiki Certification has become more appealing to those who seek careers in healing fields. Reiki is a Japanese technique, and Rei means God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power, while Ki refers to the life force energy. Therefore, Reiki is a technique that essentially helps a client or a student to live a life of reduced stress and relaxation through spiritually guided life force energy.

Reiki can be learned by anyone, but it is actually administered by those who have Reiki Healing Certification in most cases. It is believed that through Reiki techniques, people are better able to heal their bodies and their minds, with or without traditional healing methods. It is expected that there will soon be a very high demand for Reiki practitioners – especially those who are considered Reiki Masters, and it all starts with simple Certification.

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This should not be surprising since more than $14 billion was spent in America for alternative healthcare according to a study done almost twenty years ago. Today, it is believed that this dollar figure has more than tripled since that study was done. Alternative medicine has become so popular, in fact, that the National Institutes of Health in the United States has actually opened the Office of Alternative Medicine. The institute is currently funding ongoing research to discover how Reiki works, how it might work for specific problems, such as Fibromyalgia, and how it can reduce nerve pain and cardiovascular risks.

You do not need any special training or educational background to start Reiki training, but it cannot be self-taught. There are three levels of training, with the third level being the Master Reiki level. While the first two levels will completely teach you the art of Reiki, and you can achieve Reiki certification with those two levels, becoming a Master can take many years. Typically, a Reiki Practitioner should charge as much as a good massage therapist charges in the same geographical area.

Reiki Healing Certification Resources

Course Title: Reiki Master Course
Name of Company: Reiki Blessings Location: 14618 Tyler Foote Road, #110, Nevada City, California, United States
Description: This is a home study course that is suitable for beginners, as well as current masters. Upon successful completion of the coursework, the student will receive the title of Reiki Master, and a certificate of completion.

Course Title: Reiki Practitioner or Reiki Master
Name of Company: The Reiki Training Program Location: 7709 8th Avenue SW, West Seattle, Washington, United States
Description: Through this company, two programs are available. One is for a Reiki Practitioner, while the other is for a Reiki Master. Reiki Masters are almost always sought before Reiki Practitioners.

Course Title: Various Reiki Courses and Certification Programs
Name of Company: Infinite Light Healing Studies Center Location: 355 Jordan Road, Sedona, Arizona, United States
Description: From beginning Reiki through the masters, this company offers a wide variety of courses, and many of them are available online, while some are offered through workshops and seminars.

Course Title: Various Reiki Courses and Certification Programs
Name of Company: The International Center for Reiki Training Location: 21421 Hilltop Street, Unit #28, Southfield, Michigan, United States
Description: These are not online classes. They are, however, offered throughout the United States, and you can search for the Reiki Classes that you want, which are listed by state.

Course Title: Various Reiki Courses and Certification Programs
Name of Company: Chikara-Marketing Location: The Coach House, Netherbyres, Eyemouth, Berwickshire, TD14 5SE, United Kingdom
Description: There are three different levels of Reiki training offered through this company, and they are all available in an online environment.

Course Title: Reiki Plus Home Study Program
Name of Company: Institute of Natural Healing
Description: While this is a thorough home study program, it is important to note that in-person classes are also available as well. Multiple courses are available as they relate to Reiki, and you can achieve Reiki Certification here as well. Resources:

Course Title: Reiki Healer Certification
Name of Company: Body and Mind Productions, Inc. Location: 9429 Cedar Heights, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Description: This is a self led program, not to be confused with a self taught program. It can be learned at home, with a series of books and DVDs that are provided, and certification is available only after meeting specific requirements.

Course Title: Reiki Certification
Name of Company: Expert Rating Online Location: 280 Madison Ave, 912, 9th Floor, New York, New York, United States
Description: It is important to note that this is just the test for Reiki Certification, and is not an actual Reiki course. You must take Reiki courses in order to know the information required to pass this certification test. Resources:

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