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Reiki for Kids Health


Reiki brings so much to children in this world at a time when it is so important for them to feel supported. I have had the honor of teaching children Reiki this summer, it is with deep gratitude that I get to share this special time with them, they teach me as much as I pass onto them. It is always magical to get to know these amazing little people, old wise souls actually. It seems that they come from a place of inner knowing and I am just reminding them of how special they are. When they get the acknowledgement of who they truly are, they are so peaceful and content. The Children are eager to learn more about themselves and their energy, which makes the class flow smoothly.

During the two day camp we start at 9am with a circle time where we state our names and say something that we like about ourselves, now get this; imagine a 6 year old having difficulty with answering this one simple question. It amazes me how one so young should have such difficulty with finding something good about themselves? That is one goal that this camp hopes to achieve, to help every child find their own inner appreciation and gifts.

Every child has their own workbook that is used through out the camp, which explains about the attunement, where Reiki comes from and a bit of the history of Dr. Mikao Usui, chakra’s etc. Children ages 6 through 12 are attuned to level one, and 12 and up are attuned to both levels one and two.

Learning Reiki for kids is a lot of fun. I had one little girl of about 9 who immediately after her attunement could feel the energy in her hands as a ball, and started playing with the energy and was showing all the other children how to play catch with it. It was adorable to see them so happy with something so new and magical.

Being on Shawnigan Lake there is an assortment of activities such as; swimming, boating, crafts which include making hemp and chakra jewelwery, chakra colored origami mobiles, decorating large ‘people’ shaped cookies with the chakra colors etc, free time to play with their new friends, and of course lots of healthy balanced meals and snacks. Before bedtime we have a Reiki share, snack time and all have their own cozy beds and fall asleep peacefully after a children’s meditation.

Day two is another day full of incorporating Reiki into their daily lives, learning how to reiki their food, pets, themselves and their friends and family. Before they are picked up at 4 pm the final day the question ” what do you like about yourself” is asked again. It is very touching to hear how they are able to now answer with a newfound confidence and appreciation of how special they truly are.

The children are excited to see their parents and share what they have learned and to show off their new Reiki hands. Many parents have stated that they have noticed a very positive change in their children. They more open to new experiences are more kind and sensitive to themselves and the world around them. I hope to keep in contact with these children and to be of support to them as they grow, reminding them how special they are to this world we all live in.

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