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Reiki Meditation


Have you heard about Reiki meditations? Reiki healing is an alternative medicine practice and one that may work for you…

There are so many meditation techniques from mindfulness, to Yoga breathing and many more. So I always recommend to my patients that they try a number of different techniques first, before choosing the meditative practice that works best for you.

Reiki meditation is one of these practices and so on this page you can learn about what it is, and more important, how to use it in your life!

Introduction to Reiki Meditation

Reiki can be used as a form of meditation that was originally from Japan. It was used in hopes of healing. It has been believed that when an individual experiences this type of meditation, they encounter an optimization in the area of homeostasis.

This is the “balance” of the body. It is believed that if one person receives energy from another person, the body will be able to effectively heal itself and optimize the health on the whole.

The Reiki techniques use many other types of symbols and practices. It is almost a collaboration of many different healing techniques used around the world.

It is found to improve the mind, and also to increase the health of the one who practices. “Rei” means “universal spirit”, and “ki” means “life energy”. Basically, Reiki is the ability to tap into the “universal energy of life” that we all possess.

Introduction to Reiki Health Benefits

As with any type of meditation, there are many health benefits associated with Reiki. Seeing that this particular technique was developed as a way to heal the body, there are many cases in which this healing has been proven due to various types of scientific, medical, and psychological case studies.

The following outlines a brief introduction to the health benefits of this these techniques:

  • Individuals who engage in Reiki have been found to have a slower and more relaxed heart rate of those that do not practice this technique. This means that the blood pressure in the body is reduced, and there is not so much strain on the heart to work.
  • It is quite possible to experience an immunity boost when you perform this activity. This means that you stand a lower chance of developing sicknesses like the standard flu and cold, as well as a lower chance of developing complications such as one of the many different types of cancer.
  • Do you suffer from chronic pain? Many people do. There are all sorts of issues that can result in pain. These include arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, cancer, nerve disorders, disorders of the muscles, problems with the bones, and more. If chronic pain or any of these conditions sound familiar to you, it is important to consider practicing Reiki. Pain can be successfully reduced and/or resolved if you do engage in this meditation type.
  • Do you suffer from a sleep disorder? There are many different types of sleep disorders that can actually result in the onset of medical problems. Common sleep disturbances include chronic fatigue, insomnia, and sleep apnea. Those that suffer from these problems have often experienced relief when it comes to practicing Reiki. Now, you can too!
  • There are many individuals that may find that they suffer from complications in making decisions, learning new things, concentrating, and memory retention. While experiencing these issues is not so much fun, the good news is that Reiki practices can successfully overcome these complications.

The Reiki Meditation Experience

The Reiki experience is a very unique form of therapy that is believed to heal the body, soul, and mind of the person who is engaging in the technique.

Generally, an individual who is trained in Reiki will start the session with an introduction to the different techniques that they will use. The professional in Reiki will use the power of touch “hands on” in order to transfer their energy to you.

Most of the time, you will be lying down. However, in many cases, you may be allowed to sit comfortably in a chair. The professional will then place their hands above your head using various types of movements in order to create a steady stream of energy that you will benefit from.

This type of meditation can be an effective means of achieving the homeostasis or natural “balance” in the body. There are benefits to the spirit, physical advantages, and numerous psychological benefits to engaging in the act of a Reiki based meditation.

If you are looking for a type of meditation that sways away from the traditional type and goes “outside the box” – you should definitely consider the art of Reiki.

In my experience and the experiences felt by my clients, Reiki can lead to feeling better about yourself, performing better in work and life, and generally being happier and healthier… give it a try!


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