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Seichim Healing


Seichim healing is a beautiful and effective system that is powerful and compact that enables you to become connected with living light energy.  Seichim is ‘the energy of the universe that is manifested through the feminine vibration of the Mother Goddess’ according to hieroglyphic translation by the Shin Yon Buddhist. In its teaching it uses the understanding of the elements to enable you to bring yourself and your environment into balance.


Seichim Healing in History

The use of this healing technique originated in Egypt and was taken back to India and Japan.  The western translation for the Sanskrit character that means Living Light energy is Seichim.  The term is used to designate the energy itself and the healing system of the living light energy.  By using ancient wisdom the individual is empowered to use living light energy as a tool for personal growth and development regardless of their belief system.

How Seichim Healing Works

Seichim is one of the four healing energies or elements.  Seichim represents the element of earth, Sakara represents the element of fire, Sophi-El is the water element and Angelic Light is the element of air and spirit.  It is said that Seichim is the element that grounds them all.

During a treatment the client is positioned in either a sitting or laying position and the practitioner lays their hands on the client and channels energy to them through their hands.   The clients body distributes these energies to where they are needed allowing the benefits to the areas in need.

Seichim healing works by effectively cleansing and balancing every molecule and cell in the physical body in a healing manner.   With seichim treatment, living light energy is channeled and focuses itself in the causes that create symptoms in our body.

Benefits of Seichim Healing

Actively practicing Seichim healing promotes the healing and balancing of the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional bodies.  It helps provide insight and relief to both acute and chronic disease.  It is also beneficial for treatment of fatigue, depression, anxiety and stress.  Seichim has been very effective for dealing with multiple feminine health issues such as PMS or PMT and infertility or hormonal imbalances.  It has helped people by adjusting imbalances in the psyche that cause lack of self esteem or low self esteem and promote self empowerment.  Since we are made of the energy that the practitioner channels it is possible for all ailments whether they are physical, mental or emotional to be treated.

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