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Self Hypnosis


The practice of Self hypnosis is a natural state of mind which is defined as an intense state of concentration allowing suggestions to properly take hold.

It is used successfully for reducing stress, losing weight, stopping smoking, relieving insomnia, and all the way to inducing self esteem, improving self confidence and making positive psychological changes in your mind.

How Is it possible to hypnotize yourself?

It’s absolutely possible and while it may sound complicated, it’s actually a very simple technique. It’s also completely normal.

Daily you can find yourself daydreaming when reading a book you really like, or listening to your favorite music.

You get so deeply involved that you don’t notice outside distractions.

Getting Started with Self Hypnosis

First, don’t try to make something happen. You have to “let it happen.” It will probably take you a few attempts before this happens.

Don’t analyze everything that happens. It’s easy to watch for “a sign” that you were hypnotized or that your suggestions are working. Relax and keep practicing… it will start working when you have totally relaxed.

Self hypnosis is a commitment on your part. Set up a schedule allowing yourself 15 to 30 minutes. Practice when you are fresh and where you won’t have any interruptions.

Prepare your suggestions prior to starting. Make the suggestions concise and positive. (i.e. Exercise will make me healthier).

Self Hypnosis Techniques


Get comfy, sit or lie down in your quiet place. Focus on relaxing your mind and body.

If relaxing is a problem, practice the relaxation techniques by Dr. Edmund Jacobson prior to starting.


Count down, start with the number 50 and count down to 0. Count at a natural pace for you. As you do this, your breathing, body and mind starts to relax.

Concentrating on an object may be helpful to you. It could be a flickering candle or a pendulum swinging on a clock. Breathe slowly and relax as you focus on the object.

Water is also very soothing. Close your eyes and imagine being in a hot tub or whirlpool with soft waves of water running over your body, soothing and relaxing. Breathe slowly and deeply, let the waves relax your muscles as you breathe. Feel your muscles relaxing from your head to your toes, your body feels so light.

Complete relaxation is a state of concentration with an increased consciousness open for your suggestions. Think about your suggestion. Quietly vocalize it and concentrate on it for a few minutes.

End the session with positive thoughts and knowing that as you start moving and become fully alert, you will feel positive and stress free.

You may or may not see immediate results from your suggestion. Don’t be impatient with yourself and give your suggestions time to work. Self hypnosis is a skill that you are learning and it will become more powerful as you practice it.


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