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Men & Women’s Sexual Conditions: Guide to Diagnosis & Treatment


The term “sexual conditions” refers to abnormal physiological or psychological sexual performance which may be caused by any number of factors such as stress and anxiety in one aspect of life or another, certain health problems, effects of drugs (recreational or prescribed) and alcohol abuse.  Sexual conditions affect both men and women and, due to a wide variety of life circumstance, just about everyone who is sexually active will experience a temporary sexual challenge at one time or another.

Most sexual conditions do not require medical advice as they usually correct themselves as soon as their causes are eliminated or as the body adjusts to performing under adverse conditions.  However, if and when the conditions persist for more than two or three weeks or if the conditions show signs of worsening, medical attention should be sought after right away.  In addition, sufferers of sexual conditions who are overly distressed about their sexual inadequacy and those who fear that such conditions may ruin their relationships, should by all means turn to medical professionals.

Men’s Sexual Conditions Which Require Medical Attention

Sexual conditions in men primarily involve the penis and the most serious among them are:


Priapism is a sexual condition that is characterized by blood flowing into the penis but failing to drain out of it.  This causes painful erections that often last more than four hours.

Peyronie’s Disease. 

This is a condition where a hardened lump grows on the side of the penis which causes swelling and inflammation.  The affected area then develops scar tissue which reduces the flexibility of the organ.  The penis acquires an unnatural curve and causes pain which becomes most severe when erected.


Phimosis is an abnormal condition in which the foreskin grows so firm around the penis that it cannot be drawn back in order to expose the head of the male sex organ.


Is a sexual abnormality that causes the retracted foreskin to remain stuck and unable to return to its original position.

Balanitis and Balanoposthitis. 

Balanitis is an inflammation of the head of the penis while balanoposthitis is an inflammation which affects the head of the penis and its foreskin.  Symptoms in both cases are rashes and swelling which cause itching, pain and a discharge emitting a fetid odor.

Penile Cancer. 

Penile cancer is a rare cancer of the penis which causes growths, discharge and bleeding.

Women’s Sexual Conditions Which Require Medical Attention

Women are not exempt from sexual conditions and the most common among them are:

Painful Intercourse. 

Many sexually active women may sometimes experience some soreness or discomfort during sexual intercourse.  However, if the pain is severe, it may be the symptom of a (viral, fungal or bacterial) infectious condition or another health issue which should be attended to as soon as possible.

Unusual Effects. 

A woman who is sexually active and suddenly experiences unusual effects during and / or immediately after sexual activities must consult a medical professional, particularly if such effects are headaches, prolonged or brief chest pains, or pains in different parts of her body.

Sexually Transmitted Disease. 

If and when a sexually active woman believes that there may be a possibility of having contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD), she and all her partners as well as her partner’s other partners should all be clinically examined right away.

Treating Sexual Conditions for Men and Women

Sexual Conditions are usually treated by attacking the underlying problems which caused them to begin with.  Thus, if the conditions are caused by diseases, the focus is on curing them.  And if the cause of the sexual condition is the use of alcohol or drugs, treatment involves withdrawal of such substances.

The more severe cases of men’s conditions may require a number of invasive procedures which can include surgeries.

Sexual conditions often cause sufferers mental anguish.  Therefore, psychological counseling is often prescribed as the sole treatment or as a supplementation to other therapeutic treatments.

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