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Sexual Relationships & The Consequences of Marriage without Sex


Sex is the act of stimulating the male and the female genitalia by any number of means or techniques.  The purpose of such stimulation is for the sake of achieving orgasmic pleasure or for the purpose of fulfilling the instinctive need for procreation.

The term “relationship” pertains to the emotional and / or physical connection, association and involvement between two or more persons who are related by blood or otherwise.  Keeping this definition in mind, one must consider the many different types of relationships such as, for instance, parent – child relationships, sibling relationships, schoolmate relationships, neighbor relationships, student – teacher relationships, employer – employee relationships, doctor – patient relationships, spousal relationships and sexual relationships as well as so very many others.

Sex within Specific Relationships

Sex is completely inappropriate, immoral and illegal within the framework of certain types of relationships while it is essential and necessary in other types.

Marriages are the perfect examples of relationships where sex is or rather should be infused along with all other aspects of such multilevel relationships of complexity.  Marriages are, among other things, sexual relationships and, as such, they require the sexual aspect.  Stated from another perspective, marriages cannot retain full functionality without sexual interaction between the two partners, the husband and the wife.

The Consequences of Marriage without Sex

Unfortunately, today’s very busy world is not always very conducive to healthy marriages.  Their precious time, their limited energy and their focus is divided and pulled into too many directions which include careers, debts, children, sleep and so much more.  All too often, sex seems to be pushed to the button of their to-do lists.

Sexual inactivity within a marriage tends to add to an already stressful lifestyle which, in turn, has derogatory affects on their libidos.  With their libidos lowered, the husband and wife keep shoving sex further and further out of their marriage.  The end results can be devastating to the relationship as a whole and to each partner as an individual.

Even if their partnership works fairly well, even if they are getting along, even it all other aspects of the marriage are reasonably health; when sex is lacking it can all fall apart very quickly.  Resentments will begin building up and each partner will draw away from the other.  Typically, one or both of them may end up seeking substitutes for physical intimacy in a variety of addictive behaviors which often include comfort foods, alcohol, drugs, and ultimately sex outside of the marriage.

Lack of sexual activity within a marriage has profound psychological effects on the husband and wife as it increases their distress levels and gives rise to anxieties, as it evokes low self esteem and the feelings of worthlessness and as it plunges them into depression.  These psychological effects then are serious contributors to a whole range of health issues including elevated heart rates, increased blood pressures and cardiac diseases.

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