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Side Effects of Using B12 for Weight Loss


Known as the “energy vitamin” B12 gives a good boost to energy. It is known to speed up metabolism and fight fatigue.

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B12 is Vital to the Body

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that is vital in the normal functioning of our body. It is used during cell division and in formation of healthy red blood cells.  Red blood cells produce hemoglobin.  Hemoglobin in the blood carries oxygen to the different parts of the body after the blood is oxygenated in the lungs. Weight loss is basically a side effect of B12 injections due to the effects of the vitamin on our body, mainly increasing our metabolism and boosting our energy which promotes physical activity.

What is the Connection of B12 Injections and Weight Loss Side Effects?

B12 injections alone do not induce weight loss.  B12 effects can contribute to weight loss however. B12 increases weight loss by speeding up the metabolism rate in our body.  When taken in the injection form you receive a tremendous boost to your energy which in turn increases your physical activity leading to weight loss.

B12 has also been shown to be effective for treating depression, stress and other symptoms that can be linked to causes of weight gain.  By reducing these factors, B12 again aids in weight loss or prevents weight gain.

Individuals who receive B12 injections usually are doing so because of a B12 deficiency or chronic fatigue syndrome.  Some doctors have prescribed the medication for weight loss purposes however due to the effects it offers that benefit weight loss.

Side Effects of B12 Injections

Injections are preferred when B12 is used for weight loss purposes.  The shots give a great boost to the energy and helps motivate people to exercise and get more physical activity.  There is some risk to long term use of B12 injections side effects especially in those who have pre-existing health conditions.  B12 injection must be prescribed by a physician and it is important that he is aware of all of your medical history so he can make the correct decisions when prescribing for you.

B12 injections side effects can include infection at injection sites, hematomas and skin breakdown.  It is important to rotate the site of injection to avoid breaking down the skin.  The injection needs to be given deep into the muscular tissue, so the area will probably have some soreness at the injection site.

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