Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Signs Of Cancer Women Usually Ignore


‘Cancer’ is the medical term that seems to scare us most today. Universal disease, which chooses its patients without discrimination, of all ages and sometimes even without the existence of risk factors predisposing or cancer, currently includes over 100 different types,  most of them with various locations and their own specific symptoms. Often the body is trying to warn us that something is wrong;  its signals must be heard and received, and the safest approach that we adopt is to visit  the doctor as soon as possible.

Can Cancer Be Cured?

Most cancers can be cured if we take preventive measures and address we search for  specialized medical opinions. Indeed there are many cancers that are detected clinically when it is already too late. However, most neoplasias signs and symptoms that make them detectable,  if they are detected in an early stage, are perfectly curable.

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It is important to note that most signs and symptoms of cancer are, however, nonspecific, and they may occur in the clinical picture of benign diseases, sometimes with a fatal self-limiting evolution. This is not an excuse for us not to address the medical practitioner in order to perform detailed checks, but only a statement to reassure us and do not think at the worst scenario.

Women seem to be a group of patients much more vigilant than men. They are more careful regarding the health of the body and are more prone to analysis and tests for cancer screening, and subsequent presentation of checks to establish if something is wrong in the body. This finding is made by specialists who have investigated groups of patients separated according to the criterion of “gender and have noticed that women are more compliant and can play a more active role in preserving health and early detection of certain diseases. They also are present  even earlier to the doctor if they notice symptoms or if the health alarm simply deteriorates.

Although this observation may  satisfy the doctors,  there are, of course, exceptions. Women are, as a group, generally more compliant, but sometimes there are exceptions. Unfortunately this trend has been observed more frequently among young women. It seems that they are ignorant regarding signs of any premonition character, considering the fact that cancer is often a health problem affecting mostly old ages.

Even though in many cases this observation is true, it should not be ignored that many young women  face with various cancers: cervical, breast, colon, ovary. In addition, some women deliberately and intentionally choose to ignore the signs and some symptoms, and may not be thinking that they just happen to develop a neoplasia (regardless of its location). Others believe that cancer  is an  incurable disease, so it’s better to let things evolve naturally, without trying to do something to stop it. Such non-combat attitude is completely wrong, because cancer found early can be cured, and can be controlled and it should not necessarily signify the death of the patient.

Doctors prefer to promote a balanced approach in terms of how we look at our overall health. Not any disease means cancer, but we shouldn’t neglect to see that the body no longer operates satisfactorily. Also, no hypohondria should be encouraged.

Gloria Brown
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