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Simhanada Guggulu: Herbal Remedy from Ayurveda


Simhanada guggulu Supporting Rheumatoid Arthritis Or Ayurveda Ama Conditions

Simhanada guggulu or guggul is one of the supportive ayurvedic medicine for supporting Rheumatoid arthritis and ‘Ama’ based disorders in ayurveda. It is an ayurvedic herbal remedy formulated with select ayurvedic herbs.

Reference Book Of Simhanada Guggulu:

Simhanda guggul was first mentioned in ‘Vangasena’, which is considered an ancient textbook of ayurveda and ayurvedic remedies.

Ingredients Of Simhanada Guggul:

  1. Triphala or Triple Myrobalan 120 gm
  2. Purified Sulphur or Gandahak 15 gm
  3. Purified Guggul extract 30 gm
  4. Castor oil 10 gm

How To Prepare Simhanada Guggulu:

  1. The powders of triphala and purified sulphur are mixed properly, then castor oil is mixed in this powder. 
  2. Thereafter, purified guggul extract is dissolved in warm water. Take care to take only small quantity of warm water that is sufficient to dissolve guggul and the resulting aqueous solution should be of thick consistency.
  3. Mixed powder of triphala and sulphur is added to this guggul solution.
  4. Then, this mixture is pounded for several hours in mortar and pestle or in electric Chattu machine. This process of prolonged pounding mixes the ingredients thoroughly and produces very small particle size. Smaller size of particle in either powder or tablets helps to readily dissolve the medicine in stomach and intestine and  speeds up the the absorption. All of this phenomena results in increased bioavailability of the preparation.
  5. Finally simhanada guggul tablets are made of this mixture.

Tablet Size of Simhanada Guggulu:

The average quantity of ingredient is kept 350 mg to 500 mg in a single tablet. Though some reputed south Indian ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies are preparing guggulipid tablets of 1000 mg. Many persons find it uncomfortable to swallow such a large tablet.

Dosage Of Simhanada Guggulu:

The daily dosage of simhanada guggul is 350-1000 mg two to three times a day. The dosage ranges from 1000 mg to 2000mg per day. These tablets should be taken with lukewarm water or milk or herbal decoction.

Benefits And Use Of Simhanada Guggulu:

Gout, pain, intestinal colic, abdominal disorders, skin disorders and rheumatoid disorder respond well to simhanada guggulu. Joint pain with stiffness is benefited with this guggul extract formulation.

Comments On Simhanada Guggul:

This guggul based preparation is indicated for ‘Ama’ based disorders in ayurveda. ‘Ama’ can be correlated with extra mucus tendency in gastrointestinal tract and other organs and body systems.

This pathological mucus dominant tendency produces heaviness, slowness, stiffness and gravity. One feels stiffness in joints and during movement. Heaviness is felt in body though our weight doesn’t increase. Digestive process is slowed down. This tendency results from malfunctioning of digestive system, faulty diet pattern and lifestyle.

So Simhanada guggul is the supportive remedy for all such mucus dominant pathologies. And we have these clinical features in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is named ‘Amavata’ in Ayurvedic medicine. Morning stiffness is one of the principal complaints in rheumatoid arthritis.

Again, I wondered how this simple formulation could be effective in rheumatoid arthritis that is an auto-immune disorder. Though there is no definitive cure of RA in ayurveda but great amount of relief can be sought by complete ayurvedic management. Some patients could say goodbye to medicine for some months to a few years. Even to lead ‘steroids and immunosuppressive drugs free’ life is a good surplus.

Later on during my clinical practice, I understood the importance of Simhanada guggulu. It should be taken as a dietary or herbal supplement and not as a cure. It is a part of regimen of herbal medicine.

And when the patients are relatively free of symptoms of RA ( RA has a recurrent tendency, it got suppressed and is then again aggravated), they can have such simple herbal formulation as simhanada guggulu and get healthy help.

Triphala is supportive, tonic and detoxifying agent. Guggul is well known for its medicinal properties in joints pain and arthritic disorders. Sulphur is the unexpected ingredient and adding sulphur is very tricky and a good example of the science lying behind ayurvedic formulations. Sulphur is mild laxative, detoxifying. Together with other ingredients, this formulation help to digest ‘Ama’ and gradually and slowly expels it out. ‘Ama’ can never be expelled out forcibly or speedily. Mild, gradual and slow approach should be undertaken as is evident in this guggul preparation.

Side Effects And Precautions Of Simhanada Guggulu:

Simhanada guggul is one of the guggul based herbal formulations that is easy on the stomach because of other supportive ingredients. So it is safe for internal use.

Its use should be restricted in pregnant ladies. Breast feeding mothers can use it under ayurvedic doctor’s supervision.

Ayurvedic herbal preparations are used as combination so people are not advised to use them by reading informative description. However, simhanada guggul can be taken as herbal supplement in joint disorders.

Plus, special caution should be observed in individuals who are allergic to sulpha drugs or who are allergic to sulphur compounds. Sulphur is purified along special ayurvedic method and it is very mild. Practically, I had not seen any allergic reaction during previous 12 years during college or clinical practice in India. Still, don’t use if you are allergic to sulphur or try it in the presence of medical doctor if you are daring!

As a native Indian and an Ayurvedic holistic healer, Arjun writes in the lane of herbal healing and home remedies. Certification: BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery With Modern Medicine).

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