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Simple Types of Meditation


There are types of meditation that you can choose from before you start with it especially if you are a newbie in the practice. There are many known methods that you can select from if you are planning to incorporate meditation in your daily life.

Observe Your Breath

One of them is breath watching where you must observe your breath as it comes in and out of your lungs. In whatever position you may be, you can perform this meditation.

This will help you relax and calm you mind as it is relaxed and in a calm state. It is usually done for a few minutes each day as you wish to. In addition, there is also the empty mind meditation which can be performed by making your mind free from any other thoughts. There are many ways to practice it, but usually, perform it with crossed legs and allow your mind to be in solitude for only a few minutes.

While doing this, you can notice that several thoughts are coming into your mind that is often distracting, and as a result, you are not getting into the meditative state that you’re after for. This is difficult especially for beginners who cannot recover fast and concentrate into meditating.

Walking Meditation

Another type of meditation is walking. It involves your body and is usually performed through walking in and out your room. Observe your feet movement as your mind goes in many directions. There are distractions on the way, so try to look for a quiet place.


In addition to the list is the insight meditation (Vipassana) that is typically practiced by Buddhists. It is done through observing the events taking place around you and gives an awareness of your feelings and thoughts. This will allow you to breathe well and focus on your thoughts. Make sure to perform this without any judgment or analysis.

Mantra Meditation

Another type of meditation is the simple mantra wherein people have to keep their mind out of distractions of thoughts such as wandering about the things that are not actually happening.

Mantra is a phrase or word that you keep on repeating while you are practicing meditation in a silent spot in your room or home. You can choose any phrase or word to say though it should not be mentioned out loud. You just have to keep it going into your mind as you are meditating.

Chakra Meditation

Humans are often affected by the seven chakras or energy centers in Hindu. It is dealing about the energy which we all know are sometimes wasted in the body especially if people are not using them wisely. Because of different task we do daily, we tend to use up all our energy and sometimes do not leave something for our own welfare.

As a result, your own chakra comes to its lowest point that it turns dull so you are often irritated. When you lose energy, your chakra is affected, thus, you are feeling low and moody most of the time.

This is when chakra meditation is needed to influence our energy centers and go back to its normal state. You know that meditation is one of the methods or practice that can return your chakra to its right state. If you perform meditation alone, however, you may not regain all the energy you lose and bring back your chakra to normal. That is the reason why you need chakra meditation music.

Meditation alone will not work at a hundred percent and you need the help of meditation music to achieve your purpose of regaining the energy you lost during the day.

Meditation music is highly suggested by yoga gurus who say that chakra music is best to get into the right meditative state to replenish chakra. In a quicker way, you will be able to go back to your normal state through using the perfect meditation music that will make you feel better once more.

Chakra meditation is a practice to help people get into their meditative state more effectively. For this meditation, there are audio technologies such as Holosync out there to help inspire your chakras in a very efficient way. This is the most effective way to relieve your body from the effects of major healthy problems which resulted from your lack of energy.

Chakra meditation can be done regularly even for ten minutes a day. Once your body gets used to it, you will find it beneficial to include it in your daily routine without the mood swings and irritability you often experience before starting out with chakra meditation.

Motivating your mental engines is the best way to relieve yourself from stress and other negative thoughts as well. There are numerous benefits awaiting you once you start with chakra meditation today.

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