Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Simple Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise


From the moment the alarm clock rings at 6 am to midnight when it is time for bed, there is hardly a moment of rest for most women out there. And it is not just the office work that is behind all the stress women have to deal with. From planning the kids pick up schedule to various meals of the day, from keeping a track of homework to ensuring the laundry is done on time – nothing seems to work right without the women taking charge.

And in this constant rush of activity, it is difficult to squeeze in a workout schedule as well, which has led to weight gain becoming a common problem among the fairer sex. But in order to make sure your family has you right by their side, happy and healthy, it is indispensable that women take care of themselves.

Here are some effective and easy ways to lose weight for all the superwomen out there.

  1. Replace processed foods with natural fruits and vegetables. Instead of a muffin, have a seasonal fruit that will be both filling and nutritious. Fresh salad, soups, stews are not only healthy but also tasty.
  2. Even if you cannot spare a 40 minute workout at the gym, don’t worry. Try out simple things like walking up and down the stairs instead of taking the lift, walk to the grocery store and play with kids on a holiday. Once these things become the part of a routine, it will be easy to exercise without hitting the gym daily.
  3. Think about an activity you like doing – it may be biking or playing badminton or dancing. If it gets you going, this may produce better results than half hearted attempts on a treadmill.
  4. Crash diets do not help in weight loss and invariably lead to disappointment. Your body needs energy to work all day long. The trick lies not in abandoning food but knowing what to eat. Instead of a burger have an apple, replace a cake with mouth-watering seasonal strawberries. A balanced diet, meals at regular intervals and healthy snacks are the answer, not some crash diet.
  5. Cut out soft drinks and other sugared drinks and see the difference for yourself. Did you know that a single can of soda contains more than six spoons of sugar!
  6. Have a high fibre diet which give you the feeling of being full and prevent overeating. Whole wheat breads, brown rice, apple, carrot, broccoli, spinach, legumes are all rich in fibre and vital towards a weight loss program.
  7. Since social outings cannot be avoided, have a healthy salad before venturing out. While there, slip on a low-calorie drink and take small portions to aid weight loss.
  8. Also, get the right amount of sleep as the lack of it has been scientifically linked to weight gain.
  9. Drink a glass of water before a meal so that your stomach is not completely empty. This simple step will go a long way in controlling binge eating.
  10. Get smaller sized bowls and plates which will mean you will automatically be serving yourself smaller portions. Eat slowly and chew properly and notice the change of these tips as you get towards your desired weight goal easily and steadily.


  1. Leticia

    You have to check and see where you are wasting calories. The main way you can do that is by keeping a journal of everything you eat. For example, some people drink about 300 – 600 calories a day of juice and don’t even realize it. If they simply cut that out, I start drinking water, they would be losing about a pound a week.

    Stop eating appetizers such as fries and mozzarella sticks.

    Switch from breaded to grilled chicken

    Cut out beef all together

    Cut out mayonnaise

    Instead of ordering multiple sandwiches, load up one sandwich if you have to.

    If you add up all the things I just mentioned, that’s about 1,500-2000 unnecessary calories.

  2. Virginia Dixon

    I am just beginning to see the benefoits of having more fiber in my diet. I am going to the bathroom better and actually twice per day.

    I read that constimpation is a leading cause of disease and I am doin everythung I can to keep myself regular, while also doing my weight loss plan,

  3. Kat.

    Very nice suggestions! I really like that most of these are very sustainable in the wrong term! It really helps to not deprive yourself of food, just eat a little less of the more decadent stuff, and stuff yourself with clean food the remainder. Soft drinks are a killer though and should never be drunk imho :/ It’s like cake in a glass, without the foodgasm.

  4. Olivia

    I’m gonna have to try some of this. I’ve already been going to the gym and exercising for a while but I think I need to work on my diet because I’m really not making much progress. I’m gonna try cutting out soft drinks and drinking more water as recommended. I’m also gonna try to get more fiber. I’m gonna have to get to the grocery store!

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