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Skin Allergies: What’s Causing Your Allergic Reaction


One of the main reasons people go to see an allergist is for skin allergies. Normally the rash is in one specific area that came in contact with the allergen, however if it is not treated, it can spread and become a problem.

Due to allergic reactions being similar to other irritations, finding out the source is dependent upon patch testing.

These rashes can be irritating to the point of the sufferer being unable to function.

Something that you may not have had a problem with earlier in your life can suddenly become a major irritant. Other people have allergic reactions from the time they are a child.

Items that can cause skin irritations may not be what you would think of first. However they are very common.

Included are jewelry that is made from metal. Gold, silver, and nickel are all reported to cause skin irritations ranging from mild to severe.

The best preventive measure that you can take is to stay away from things that you know cause you to break out.

However there are medicines available to provide comfort once the irritation has erupted.

Corticosteroid cream is one such medication that can soothe the skin when irritated. Only three percent of people used to test results of using this cream developed an allergy to the cream itself.

Everyday Items Can Cause Problems

Metal contained in jewelry is not the only item that causes an allergic reaction. A mercury compound, thimeroral, is found in some vaccines and antiseptics.

This compound has been found to cause irritation to the skin in some people.

An ingredient that is used in soap, deodorant, and even pet food called neomycin sulfate has caused rashes in certain people.

One ingredient, Quatermium 15 is used as a preservative in everyday items. This is found in shampoo, nail polish, and sunscreen.

However it is the cause of allergic reactions in many people.

A topical antibiotic, bacitracin is another. Some ingredients that are meant to treat skin rashes can actually cause them to develop.

Did you know that formaldehyde is used in medicine? It is also used in cleaners for the household and cosmetics.

This ingredient has been the cause of some severe rashes for some people.

If used on any existing rash, the problem can become worse and require immediate medical attention.

Hair dye, antiperspirant, and metals used in buttons and snaps contains cobalt chloride. This has been a cause of skin irritations in many people.

It can take some time to find out exactly what you are allergic to. That is why most doctors prefer to use the skin patch test to find out what is causing your allergies.

An allergist should be used to determine the cause of skin rashes that will not go away.

A Skin Rash Can Be Severe or Moderate

A skin rash is one of the most reported symptoms of allergies. This can be anywhere from a mild irritation to a full blown rash that is driving you crazy.

The problem of skin rashes has to be narrowed down to a specific reason. If it is not diagnosed correctly, the true cause of the rash will go untreated creating more of a problem than you started with.

Medical problems can become quite severe if left untreated for a period of time.

The immune system plays a key part in identifying a would-be enemy that enters the body. When this happen, it sends out an army to fight the intruder.

When this happens, a skin rash can be the result. This is the most common symptom of allergies.

If other symptoms appear, such as itchy, watery eyes, a runny nose, or an inability to breath deeply enough, the rash may not be to blame.

Other tests should be conducted to get to the real reason.

There are many man made and natural items that can cause skin rashes. An allergy is your body’s red flag that something is wrong.

Normally if you are allergic to something, the first episode is mild. On the other hand, some people can go into anaphylactic shock with their first contact with something they are allergic to.

Examination of the Rash Closely Can Provide Identification

Although many skin diseases disguise themselves as allergies, an exam by a professional will allow you to know which is your problem.

Treatment can be started. Unless someone is prone to suffering from skin irritations, the onset of a rash may not be suspected to be an allergic reaction.

Especially if this is the first time you have displayed these symptoms. Tests will have to be run to isolate the cause of the reaction you are having.

Being exposed to poison ivy or poison oak can cause very severe reactions in some people. Usually this is easily identified.

A topical cream can relieve the itching and spread of the rash. Sometimes testing will have to be done several times to eliminate any other suspected problems.

If you should develop a skin rash, even if you think you do not have anything serious, do not scratch the rash. When you scratch you can accidentally open your skin leaving it vulnerable to infections which allows pathogens to make their way to the blood stream.

Once the skin is opened it could allow pathogens in the rash to get into the blood stream, making the allergic reaction worse.

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