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Sleep Therapy


Sleep Therapy can work in one of two ways, essentially. It is either drug induced, or sleep is made easier with special apparatus, because of a certain condition. You’ve probably heard the expression ‘It’s nothing that a good night’s sleep won’t cure.’ This expression is truer than most of us realize. Often, a restful sleep is exactly what is needed, to solve a variety of ailments – mentally and physically.

Why Sleep Therapy is Used for Healing Purposes

Sleep has mental and physical benefits. When we sleep, our minds first process and ‘lock in’ all of the new information that we have learned since the last time we have slept. You might compare this to performing backup tasks for the data on your computer. From a physical standpoint, our bodies are at their most relaxed when we are in a deep sleep. This allows for the repair and healing of muscles and tissue, and for the regeneration of new tissue and cells when such regeneration is possible.

Fatigue, or lack of sleep, on the other hand causes us more problems than a good night of sleep cures. From fatigue our immune systems go down, we experience depression and anxiety, and a whole host of other mental, emotional, and physical problems. This is why sleep, in its most natural form, is so essential to us as human beings.

Drug Induced Sleep and Sleep Therapy

While drug induced sleep is still used in some medical situations, there was a time when it was used for mental patients. A drug induced sleep can also be referred to as a drug induced coma, depending on how deep the sleep actually is, based on the medication, or the dosage of the medication administered. Often, this type of sleep therapy is used so that the body can heal, or because the pain associated with an injury would be too great for the patient to bear.

Sleep Disorders and Apparatus for Sleep Therapy

Many people who experience fatigue and depression simply are not getting enough sleep because of a condition known as sleep apnea. This condition is caused by a variety of things, but the overall result is that the airways are partially blocked or narrowed, and the person typically snores and has periods where he or she stops breathing altogether. Even in our deepest sleep, the brain will wake us up so that we can start breathing again – even if it is momentarily, and we do not remember it.

There is special apparatus that can be used to prevent those airways from becoming blocked while we sleep, and this typically improves the conditions that lack of sleep causes. Therefore, use of such apparatus can be referred to as sleep therapy in some instances.


  1. Jackie

    There is a saying that “A disease can be cured when it is said to as many people as possible.” However, there is one exception. That is ‘nocturnal enuresis’. If a child over the age of five can’t do what he or she is required to do, medical treatment is mandatory. Followings are the symptoms of the disease: (1) when the wrong peeing is repeated more than two times a day; (2) when peeing during the daytime nap; (3) when making the clothes dirty with pee during the day; (4) when the parents or siblings have the same experience.

    The traits that can be found among the patients are: (1) they are in a hurry when peeing; (2) it is pretty hard to awake when asleep; (3) they are too timid, sensitive and nervous; (4) they often talk while asleep; (5) they are suffering from sleep terror disorder.

    These types of children are weak in nerve system or musculus sphincter vesicae that controls urination. Other than these, it occurs when the strength of the lungs and kidney is not powerful enough.

    The peace of mind and sound sleep are the most crucial and effective ways to cure the disease. Most importantly, understanding, love and affection are helpful.

    In the oriental medicine, the cures such as ‘ga-gam-sam-gi-tang Modified Decoction of Ginseng and Astragalus Root)’ invigorating ki or ‘yuk-mi-ji-hwang-tang, Decoction of Six Drugs Including Rehmannia)’ controling kidney-water, both of which are made mainly of Rhizoma Rehmanniae Praeparata, are helpful for those suffering from nocturnal enuresis.

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