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How Social Anxiety & Depression Are Linked


It all starts with social anxiety, where you start to avoid interaction with others because it’s so uncomfortable. Friendships die from the avoidance, and loneliness ensues. Loneliness is a major cause of depression.

So it’s not the social anxiety itself that causes depression. It’s the lifestyle that you end up leading as a means of avoiding the anxiety, that helps depression set in.

I had several periods of depression in my mid and late teens. Once you get dragged into social anxiety and depression, it’s really difficult to come out of it. I went to university and that move away changed things for me. My mood lifted because I was interacting with people more.

Social Anxiety and Depression;
The Resulting Lifestyle From Social Anxiety,
Causes Depression

The loneliness and isolation caused by the ‘socially anxious lifestyle‘ are the trouble causers. As humans, we NEED interaction, acceptance and love from others. Without them, we feel something missing, like a gaping hole in our existence.

When we go too long without anyone seeing to these needs, our feelings (in the form of depression) start to tell us that something needs fixing. 

This happens in much the same way as when you get a physical injury. It’ll hurt, because this is your body’s best way of getting you to focus your attention on healing the injury.

I really believe that depression is just that: a feeling given to you to get your attention focused on some lacking area of your life. 

A cut hurts because it needs you to heal it. Your feelings hurt (depression) because something in you (spirit, soul?) wants you to do something about the issues you have, so that the soul (you) can feel good!

Your Depression Has
A Positive Meaning

If you’ve read this far then I’m going to assume you’d like to believe that depression occurs, to alert you to a certain problem; a problem that, once given attention and healing, will lead to you feeling better.

I have a gut feeling that everything, no matter how seemingly negative, happens for a positive reason. The negativities in your life are there to help you grow as a person, because personal growth leads to more happiness.

Is Loneliness Causing Your Depression?
Here’s The Cure For It

If loneliness causes depression, then equally, the opposite of loneliness (connectedness) must cause the opposite of depression (happiness).

Connectedness causes happiness. If you can learn to feel more connected with the world around you, your enjoyment of life will improve. 

So, how can you learn to feel more connected with the world?

The most important connections for you are human ones, because you’re human. If you were a squirrel, then I’d tell you squirrel connections were your priority. Thing is, as a squirrel, you probably wouldn’t understand me anyway.

My Point Is This:
You Need Human Connection, and
Social Anxiety Is A Barrier
To Human Connection

You can only experience worthwhile growth in the area of connection to other human beings if social anxiety disorder is on it’s way out. Social anxiety limits you. It blocks connections, which means it blocks happiness.

I have created a guide for overcoming social anxiety disorder which includes steps that helped me deal with it, and is a great place to start!


  1. NG

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