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What Is Social Anxiety Disorder? Symptoms & Reasons Why


Having problems in social settings can be a horribly embarrassing experience and lead you to spending more time alone to limit the humiliating feelings.

Yet I’ve found it’s far better to find out why you are experiencing these symptoms, what this disorder is, and how to deal with it. So you can enjoy social settings without the fear of rejection and other problems in the mind.

So what really is social anxiety disorder?

Here’s my best definition for this kind of social phobia:

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is a state of confusion in the subconscious mind. It is not inline with reality, it is in a confused state.

The state of confusion is this:

Your subconscious mind finds other people threatening, even if they’re not. Due to this ‘threat’, your subconscious mind makes you feel anxious – to give you the best chance of surviving the threat.

Naturally, you know that there’s no real threat. But the subconscious cannot be reasoned with.

This explains why social anxiety happens automatically; because it is being triggered by the subconscious, which you do not yet know how to control.

Social Anxiety Disorder Is Trying To Protect You!

Anxiety is a protection mechanism against potential harm. It’s actually very useful if you’re fighting for survival. Your protection mechanism is being activated by your subconscious mind, because it thinks that other people are a threat or danger to you.

Your mind thinks it is doing you a favour by preparing you to defend yourself – either by running or fighting (fight or flight). It doesn’t understand that there’s no real threat.

The physical symptoms you get when socially anxious, are the same symptoms that a caveman would get from being chased by a tiger, or a rhino (yes OK, or a hippo).  That’s the sort of situation that anxiety was designed for.

Your issue is that your mind has been accidentally trained to perceive danger in social situations, rather than when (for example) you’re being chased by a bull.

That accidental training IS social anxiety disorder. It’s not a disability.

You get the same symptoms from socializing, as you would if your life was at risk. Those symptoms exist to give you the best chance of staying alive, even though there’s no threat. I know that’s a shocking social phobia description, but it’s the truth!

Obviously it’d be scarier if you were in a real survival situation, but my point is that the feelings are the same, and for the same purpose.

The proof is in the symptoms:

  • A dry mouth is caused by water in your body moving inwards, to ensure your other organs are in peak condition – for survival.
  • The heart beats faster to get plenty of blood to your muscles, so that you can run fast, or fight well – for survival.
  • You may be sensitive to light, because your eye site has reached it’s peak so that if there’s any ‘danger’, you can react instantly – for survival.
  • You feel the need to pee because your body is trying to lighten itself, allowing you to move as quickly as possible – you guessed it; for survival!

A Natural Human Survival Mechanism, Triggering Itself At An Inappropriate Time

This means that your job is to show your subconscious mind that there’s no real threat from social situations. Once your subconscious understands this, it quite simply won’t provide you with the anxiety response any longer.

Now that you know this social phobia info, don’t you think it’s time to prove to your mind that actually, there’s no threat from being around people?

Social Anxiety Physical Symptoms

Here’s a list of the physical symptoms. Further down this page you’ll learn why these signs of anxiety happen, and what to do to overcome them.

Chest Tightness Trouble Sleeping
Short & Rapid Breathing Dry Mouth
Blushing Tight Throat Muscles
Sweating Fast & Forceful Heart Rate
Upset Stomach Pulse In Ear
Shaking or Trembling Bad Guts
Difficult to Speak or Swallow Instant Need to Urinate
Muscle Tension Dizzy Spells
Derealisation Poor Concentration
Twitching Muscles Hot Flushes or Chills
No Appetite Clammy Hands
Want to overcome these symptoms? Here’s how to deal with social anxiety.

How do the physical anxiety symptoms happen?

The physical symptoms are part of a sophisticated survival mechanism that is built into all of us. The symptoms are triggered by your subconscious mind, which believes that it is protecting you.

The subconscious sees what it believes to be danger, and it sends signals to your body to react in ways that should give you a better chance of survival. 

This wouldn’t be an issue if you were being chased by a bear, but obviously, it’s a problem if you’re in harmless social situations.

Why do the physical symptoms happen?

Most of the anxiety symptoms in the body help in some way when you’re in danger. Their purpose is to get your body into the best condition it can be in, to maximize your chances of survival. For example: A racing heart, which you might say is a regular symptom, happens to provide plenty of oxygen to your muscles – so that you can run or fight without tiring quickly.

The sudden need to urinate comes from your body trying to lighten itself, so that you have less weight to carry – allowing you to run faster.

Social anxiety disorder is when the subconscious mind believes social situations to be threatening, and so it tricks your body into survival mode.

That’s really all this disorder is, and the mind can be restructured so that it realises “oh, okay, actually I am around people and it is not a threatening situation. We are just friends or this is just a family social gathering, nothing more”.

All SA symptoms are caused by confused bodily sensations and
nerve impulses. They cannot hurt you physically, yet they can cause inner turmoil in your mind.

“Disorder” Is The Wrong Word

Calling this condition a “disorder” is a wrong definition in my opinion. The word disorder implies that it is something genetically wrong with you, and this is NOT the case.

Your subconscious mind is confused, and it needs to be cleared.

Emily Murdoch
Hi I write about health and fitness for women! You may contact me at emily@cleanseplan.com

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