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Social Anxiety Medication Does NOT Work Long Term (Try This Instead)


When it comes to medication and medical inquires in general, always check with your doctor to ensure that what you are doing is safe and recommended.

Now that I have said that. What I will add is this:

I tried for years to shake my social anxiety from alternative treatments to meditations, Yoga, and all kinds of other things that ultimately didn’t work for me.

My doctor suggested anti-anxiety medications and related treatments and they made my situation worse.

So while you should absolutely check with your doctor, — also check with yourself, too.

Ask yourself, is this treatment working for me?

Because if it isn’t and you are still left with your social phobia, then try a new approach that might just work for you.

Medication for social anxiety does not work long term

It works for a while then leads to nasty side effects & withdrawal symptoms

After a while, your body builds a tolerance to your anti-anxiety medication. You begin to need more of the drug to get the same therapeutic effect that you got when you first started using medication.

Your body’s desire for more of the medication will show itself, in the form of withdrawal symptoms – even though you’re still taking the medication! 

That’s right, you’ll get to a point in taking medication when your body will show it’s demand for more medication by giving you really uncomfortable symptoms.

Not only that, but medication for social phobia always has side-effects. The higher the dosage you’re needing, the worse these side-effects will be.

Eventually, it gets to the stage where you don’t want to take any higher a dosage because the side-effects are just too disorientating, yet at the same time, you don’t want to take any lesser dosage because the withdrawal symptoms are so horrible.

That’s the point many people get to with medication for social phobia;
they’re stuck in a dilemma where taking higher dosages will be really uncomfortable, yet taking the same, less, or no dosages will be equally nasty.

Don’t let that awkward dilemma happen to you;
Avoid medication if you can!

It’s not worth taking medication for social phobia because eventually, you find that you can’t win. 

It would be nice to have a bit of temporary relief, but the long-term suffering from these medications make it NOT worthwhile taking them.

Medication Prevents you From Overcoming The Disorder

Social anxiety can only be reduced down to a common, manageable level if your subconscious mind is in the right state to be reconditioned. Medication puts your subconscious in the wrong state for reconditioning. I’ll explain.

Beating social anxiety is made possible by you using new, non-anxiety-related behaviour – which reconditions the subconscious away from SAD. That’s the how to heal, and it cannot work if drugs are in your system.

Medication stops the healing process from working by sedating your central nervous system.

Types of Social Anxiety Medication

1. Benzodiazepines:

Benzodiazepines are the most commonly prescribed type of social anxiety medication. They work by blocking nerve receptors in the brain.

‘Benzo’s’ have been proven to have a positive effect in reducing social anxiety – in the short term. The problem with them is that, although they’re harmless to your health, they’re addictive and you can become dependent on them.

The short-term anxiety relief that these drugs bring, is far outweighed by the uncomfortable long-term consequences.

I’ve written guides to 2 of the commonly prescribed Benzo’s:

2. SSRI’s: (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors)

SSRI’s, also known as Anti-depressants, are sometimes prescribed by doctors to treat anxiety. 

Usually they’re prescribed for depression, but the ‘feel-good’ effect that they can offer has lead to doctors using them for anxiety related conditions too.

They work by regulating the amount of serotonin that gets absorbed by the brain. Serotonin is a chemical that is used to send messages around the central nervous system. If it’s levels get too low, your emotions can be negatively affected.

SSRI’s have been shown to be less effective than Benzodiazepines for the treatment of anxiety. 

Having said that, the side-effects of SSRI’s are nothing like as bad as Benzo’s.

Click the links below for guides on the most commonly used SSRI’s:

Comparing The Available
Social Anxiety Medication

If you really want medication, I can help you decide which one is best, by showing you some medicine comparisons.

Comparing the: SSRIs Vs Benzos: What Medication Works for Social Anxiety?

Benzo’s or SSRI’s? Neither. Social Anxiety Medicine Is Not The Answer

Medicating is not the solution. SAD is a behaviour-born, psychological condition – which means that medication cannot fix it. Here, I’ll convince you…

Social anxiety disorder is a stored process in your subconscious mind and is caused by you. That’s why you need to stop covering the symptoms and learn to overcome it in real life. No more hiding!

We learn lots of things this way, for example riding a bike and driving a car are also stored processes, learnt through behaviour.  The behavioural learning of those 3 processes is called operant conditioning. It’s the process we use to learn almost everything we know or can do.

Why would it make sense to take medication for something that has been formed by the same process that helped you learn to ride a bike?

Social phobia medication will only serve to hold you back. However, if your condition really feels bad and you are desperate for some sort of relief, try an SSRI, not a Benzo. Benzo’s would relieve you for now, but would make life really uncomfortable later on.

Already Taking Social Anxiety Medications?
Don’t Worry – It Won’t Harm You

All of the medications are uncomfortable, yet harmless – so you are not at a health-risk. However, if you want to beat social anxiety rather than cover it up, you’ll need to begin the withdrawal process:

My guide to coming off social anxiety medication so you can start overcoming this disorder in real life. Instead of just blocking out the symptoms!

If Medication Isn’t The Answer, What Is?

The solution to is to use new behaviour that will cause changes in your subconscious mind. These behavioural changes were the solution for my SAD and I’ve helped many more people do the same. The Plan for Overcoming Social Anxiety can help you begin this natural healing process.

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