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Social Psychology Programs Online


Because we have a very hard time getting through this life without socially interacting – on some level – with other people, it is important that we interact with others in a positive and healthy way. When we are unable to do this, it is usually due to some type of social disorder, or some type of mental disorder. This is where social psychologists come into the picture, and you can help people to interact with others better by taking a social psychology program. Which can now be done online, too.

As a social psychologist, it will be your job to first observe how an individual reacts with other people in a social environment. It will be important, as well, to understand what a social environment constitutes. For example, the workplace could be considered a social environment, but the home usually is not.

Social psychologists do work with individual people, but they may also work with groups. They are often employed as consultants, by large corporations, by marketing research firms, and other fields where our social interactions play a huge role. Social psychology itself is considered a specialization of psychology, but it can further be broken down into smaller specializations, such as attitudes, leadership, human perception, or even group behavior and interaction.

Social psychologists earn about the same amount of income as other psychologists working in comparable settings. For example, a psychologist and a social psychologist with a private practice will earn about the same income, just as a psychologist and a social psychologist working for a corporation will earn about the same income. People do not specialize in psychology for the money. Instead, they specialize based on the area of psychology that interests them the most.

In order to work as a social psychologist, you will essentially need a doctorate degree, but you can start working in the field once you’ve obtained your master’s degree, as long as you are working towards your doctorate, and online programs make continuing your education very easy.

Online Social Psychology Resources

Course Title: Social Psychology Program
Company Name: Miami University
Location: 501 East High Street, Oxford, Ohio, United States
Description: This is a doctorate program, and because of the small class size, the competition for a spot is very stiff.

Course Title: Master’s Program in Community Social Psychology
Company Name: University of Massachusetts Lowell
Location: One University Avenue, Lowell, Massachusetts, United States
Description: This graduate program is ideal for students who have recently graduated from an undergraduate program, as well as older students.

Course Title: Social Psychology
Company Name: West Chester University
Location: West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Description: This University offers numerous specialized psychology programs for graduate students, including social psychology.

Course Title: Social Psychology
Company Name: University of Southern California
Location: 3620 South McClintock Avenue, Los Angeles, California, United States
Description: This graduate program explores social psychology from many different aspects, including statistical, theoretical, and methodological.

Course Title: Social Psychology Concentration
Company Name: The University of Alabama
Location: Box 870348, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States
Description: This is a doctorate program for psychology, with a concentration in social psychology. Students in this program get the opportunity to actually teach undergraduate psychology students as well.

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