Monday, September 28, 2020

Soda and Estrogen


A University of Utah study, recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, showed that women who drank more soda also tested higher in their levels of estrogen. The study was over about 2 months and followed 259 women. They had their blood tested numerous times over the course of the study and answered dietary questionnaires about their food and beverage consumption.

Women who consumed more fruit juice, as compared to the sodas, did not have the same changes in their hormonal levels. There was no conclusion from this particular study that showed the implication of these higher levels of estrogen. Of course, the study was done over such a short time. The changes caused by the estrogen are more likely to occur over months or even years.

We know now, though, that a condition called estrogen dominance can cause hormonal problems in women and perhaps even increase their risk of estrogen-related cancers like uterine cancer and breast cancer. The problem is that estrogen causes cells to divide more rapidly and grow. A little estrogen is good, but an imbalance in estrogen be a serious problem.

The role of the liver

The liver is one of our best protectors when faced with excessive estrogen. It is the liver’s job to process estrogen and help it to be safely excreted from the body. We need hormones to do their job (like a key that fits into a lock) for cellular metabolism and repair. However, when that job is complete, it is the role of the liver to break down the estrogen and send it off to the colon for elimination. Failure of the estrogen to be properly broken down or eliminated will mean that total circulating estrogen becomes elevated.

This means that eating foods like refined sugar, which cause the liver to function less than optimally, will inhibit the estrogens from being broken down efficiently. This, possibly, is the reason that the study discovered the higher circulating estrogens in women who drank sugary sodas! To maximize the health of your liver, minimize your consumptions of alcohol, sugar and high fat foods. These are the foods that cause the most stress to the liver and disrupt its ability to break down estrogen.

Get your fiber

In addition to being properly broken down by the liver, the metabolites of estrogen have to be effectively eliminated by the colon. Fiber is needed in the diet as the vehicle to make sure this is all effectively done by the colon. Consuming foods such as brown rice, potatoes, broccoli, abundant salads and more will assure the complete elimination of those estrogens.

Avoiding environmental estrogens

Now that you know how to effectively eliminate estrogens that are natural, let’s talk a bit about how to avoid estrogens that you can run into every day. Plastic bottles, mercury in fish, and pesticides and hormones in meat and dairy can cause you to take in these estrogens unknowingly. Here is a list of actions to take to avoid these estrogens.

  • Drink out of glass water bottles when possible. Don’t buy water in plastic bottles. Filter it at home and put it in glass.
  • Eat fish that are known to be low in mercury. These are smaller fish like tilapia, salmon and flounder.
  • Minimize your consumption of dairy and meat products. When you do have them, be sure that you only have organic products, that are sure to be free of pesticides.
  • Get fruits and vegetables that are organic.
  • Drink water that you have purified yourself. That way, you know that the water is free of heavy metals that can be estrogenic.

Detox and balance your hormones?

Dr. Greenstein, naturopathic doctor is hosting a series to teach you more about balancing estrogen, progesterone, thyroid and adrenal hormones! Bring it all together and live with vibrant, energetic health! In this 3 Part Series, you will learn about all of these things, proper exercise, how to balance your diet and herbs that can assist you in this process. Be empowered! Balance your estrogen and protect your body

Read about optimizing hormones. There are things we can do to reduce PMS symptoms and increase weight loss on a daily basis.

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