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Sofía Vergara: Detox Foods, “Thyroid” Diet & Exercise Plan


Sofía Vergara has to watch her diet closely because she really likes to indulge in certain fatty foods that don’t help weight loss. Some “good fats” like avocado and olive oil are great additions to a weight loss diet, ice cream though isn’t one of them!

Yep, that’s right Sofía Vergara loves ice crease and many fatty foods. What’s more Sofía Vergara suffers from hypothyroidism which means she needs to be even more careful because her thyroid problems.

So how does Sofía stay in such fabulous shape with her fatty eating habits?

Diet Plan

Sofía Vergara likes her curves and has the body that many Hollywood celebrities would love. And she does it while eating many unhealthy foods like ice cream and cakes.

Well for Sofía it’s all about balance. When you workout consistently and eat mostly healthy foods, the occasional ice cream, cake or other fatty sugary treat can easily be burned off.

First it’s worth noting that Sofía Vergara did give up on a lot of the junk-food from her childhood. Sure she does still eat the ice creams that she’s known for, yet she has cut out the trans-fats found in fast-food like KFC and McDonalds.

In fact if you look at what Sofía eats and her diet plan you’ll notice that she eats a lot of healthy foods too. She does a juice cleanse type diet almost everyday with her green smoothies and vegetable shakes.

The other thing that Sofía Vergara does is that she makes sure she drinks a lot of water. And also eats very light in the evening which means she is consuming less calories by essentially skipping the last meal of the day.

So even though Sofía’s diet plan is not altogether healthy, overall she balances it out and keeps her calories low enough to burn fat, while maintaining energy throughout the day.

As mentioned she also needs to watch out because of her tyhroid problems which she takes lilac pills for. She says: “My health issues changed my way of thinking; I’ve been more careful and have made different choices because of all this.”

Workout Routine

The real way Sofía Vergara keeps slim and healthy while also enjoying nice curves, is through her exercise plan and routine. If not for her workouts Sofía would very soon notice fat accumulating on her belly, hips and thighs because of some of her unhealthy eating habits.

Yet Sofía Vergara stays in great shape because she is out walking everyday. She walks lot and walking can really pay off for burning calories for a few key reasons.

First of all walking is easy. You can do it everyday. Second, it does not burn out the body so it is not an exercise that you would ever need to stop doing. And third walking is great for clearing the mind which is the reason why many continue to do it, even when their body is in perfect shape.

Adding to this Sofía Vergara is very much into doing squats. Squats are just about the best exercise a woman can do. It is great for the butt and legs and keeps the curves in the right places. It is also a full body exercise and burns far more fat than isolated workouts.

What’s more Sofía adds in a full body workout at the gym including curls, rows, dips, crunches and more. So you can see why she keeps in shape despite her fatty diet at times!

Sofía Vergara Comments

What can you tell us to add to this page about Sofía Vergara’s diet plan, exercise and routine?

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