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Sonoma Diet


When you need to lose weight, you will probably look at low carbohydrate diets, such as the Atkins Plan. While that would have been the only diet plan that you would find at one point, now there are numerous Low Carb Diet Plans. One of these that is gaining more popularity is the Sonoma Diet.

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The Sonoma Diet Explained

While all diets center on food and exercise, the Sonoma diet focuses a great deal on the pleasure that is derived from food. The Sonoma Plan has various stages, such as the ten day induction stage, where you only eat certain foods. After that point, you can eat numerous foods that you enjoy, which will keep you quite healthy.

While the diet promises that you can eat just about anything, there are a number of foods that are not on the plan, such as refined white flour, saturated fats, and sugar that is added, as opposed to sugar that occurs naturally in a food. This diet plan, however, is perfect for anyone who loves fruits, nuts, vegetables, and even wine.

What Do You Eat on the Sonoma Diet

While there are numerous foods that can be consumed on this diet, the foods that will be consumed the most include bell peppers, whole grains, strawberries and blueberries, fish, almonds, tomatoes, broccoli, grapes, spinach, and olive oil.

Note that these are not the only foods allowed. The premise of the diet is that you should enjoy the foods that you eat, and never feel deprived. You can eat those foods that you love, as long as they don’t contain the forbidden contents. The idea is to choose foods that are good for you, that can be eaten in larger amounts, so that you never feel that you are being starved.

Is the Sonoma Diet Healthy?

So, it sounds healthy – but just how healthy is the Sonoma Diet? Health Experts vary on this topic. Some believe that any low carbohydrate diet is unhealthy, while others believe that this is a healthy way to eat. What most experts do agree on, concerning the Sonoma Diet, is that the diet works because you are taught to enjoy your food, instead of seeing all food as bad or unhealthy.

The problem that most experts have with the Sonoma Diet is the ten day induction period, which many consider extreme. However, the author of the diet claims that this is what purges all of the bad effects that you have gained from foods eaten, and prepares the body for the good food that you are about to consume – so that the food works with you, instead of against you.

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