Saturday, November 28, 2020

Weight Loss Cleanse Program by Sophie Jones


Really looking forward to publishing the Weight Loss Cleanse home detox diet plan for everybody!

As a reminder any of my previous clients can simply email me at and when the Weight Loss Cleanse program has been released will be the first to receive a copy.

Having worked together at detox retreats and collaborating among many different retreat leaders and health and wellness practitioners, we have developed the detox retreat program in an online version.

So you will be able to easily access the Bali detox retreat sheets and everything you need for your own detoxification, all from home where you can now continue your programs.

We understand that while it is great to meet and be in Phuket, Bali and India, that we also need to be cleansing on an almost daily basis. At least once every few weeks.

So this is why having everything that you can now use to do the detox yourself from home, that will really help everyone I am sure.


  1. Carol

    Thanks Sophie I received your email and the detox plan and started yesterday – feeling really good so far! I was just wondering should I go on to the raw food detox side of the program at the 3 day mark or instead should I continue on full fast or perhaps switch to juice cleanse. I really understand what you are saying about now full fasting for too long because it can actually cause the body to begin to store and not burn, and also the the fasting it much more about the optimising of hormones and the rebuilding of internal systems, yet I get really good results from full fast and would like to see if I can do 5 days full fast and then 3 days juice cleanse before moving onto 10 days on raw food detox and then move onto the clean eating portion of the program.
    Thanks and let me know!

  2. Samantha

    Hi Sophie has the Weight Loss Cleanse plan come out now? I didn’t receive the email


  3. Rach

    Day 3 of the cleanse program and I was still feeling a bit wuzzy, it’s because I wanted to go full fast I know and actually I should have eaten more calories. Last time by the time I got to the 7th day I was feeling really fabulous better than I had in years just fantastic. And then I did the break-fast and I think I did break my fast properly as instructed before going on to more solid food.

    I think because I am beginning to take on the values of this site that I understand that more important than going after the short intense detoxifications, full fasting and starving lol, — far better to live a life of cleansing and feeling good. While losing weight as a by-product and definitely not putting any of it back on again!

  4. Jessica

    Thank you Sophie for all that you do. I was struggling very much with my health and being overweight that I had become very depressed. Now I feel really very much better and believe your philosophy of a “cleansing lifestyle” of healthy living, exercise and detoxification, is the way for me to live from now on.


  5. Jenny

    The home detox part of the program I think is really good because like Sophie always says it’s about continuous cleansing so we can keep the fat off our bodies. If we stop even for a short while then the fat that we lose from the detox program begins to accumulate again and, before long, we become overweight once more. While with the approach of looking at this longterm and continuing everyday to cleanse further and make our bodies better, well then, we could all become much slimmer and healthier with this strategy.

    Thanks SOph!

  6. Max

    Perfect. The Weight Loss Cleanse is exactly what I have been waiting for because my wife, Judy, who you know, she came to the retreats in Bali, well she would like to continue with her detoxing from home now. So we should like to know when this will be ready, thanks, Max.

  7. Tim

    Thanks Sophie this all sounds really good and have been thinking about starting my next detox program ASAP. Since returning home to Sydney I have been well but not nearly as good as I felt when I was in Bali and really want to start the Weight Loss Cleanse again because it works so well! Thank you for everything you do and glad I found your new blog!

  8. crissy

    Thanks this looks really great! Have been waiting for the home version of your detox plan for a while not especially after how well I did on the cleanse in Ubud, thanks again!

  9. Robin

    Weight Loss Cleanse is great thank you so much to @Sophie Jones for sending it to me for a review. I think this will help us all continue to detox and cleanse at home and the diet plan section is great because it has raw food options too and many ways of cleansing the body even while eating food which is nice.
    Also for people who want to do a full fast there is a lot included for doing that too and I think that it is simply very well summed up and easy to use from home.
    So thank you Sophie for the cleansing program.

  10. sammy

    when i was on the detox program i did feel very hungry at times and even though that is supposed to be good am thinking i would prefer a raw food detox this time, is this something I can do with this plan?

  11. Jen

    Will this be coming out today? Really want to start the Weight Loss Cleanse again because it was so incredibly good in Bali. Must remember to stick it through this time though and make sure that it really clears me out entirely and not just superficially like last time.

  12. Maddison

    Thanks Sophie your blog looks great and excited to get the Weight Loss Cleanse here have been looking forward for some time actually.

      • Tony

        Oh wow just reloaded the page and you have responded already., You must be working hard on your new website.
        I have been well, missing the cleanse and wanting to start detoxing again soon. Still my weight loss is good and I have been seeing in the bathroom mirror that I am definitely losing fat.
        best of all though feeling FANTASTIC!

  13. Mary

    AHHH okay. Got it. Here is Sophie Jones’ new blog. And looking good too.

    I came over after I read the message in the group chat and got here just in time it seems.

    Hi @Mike nice to see you passed by here too!


  14. Mike

    Great, thank you so much Sophie it is grand. I loved the retreats you did in Bali and when anyone asks me who to go to for detoxing and weight loss I always say “Sophie Jones” and will continue to say it until more people at least “try” what it is that you set out in your programs.
    It’s really very good and I feel so much better., looking fab!


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