Saturday, December 5, 2020

Spain Retreats


Spain is a fantastic destination for a weight loss and detox retreat holiday and that’s why we choose to feature it.

From Mallorca to Alicante and all the way to the Gran Canaria, Spain is full of exotic and amazing places for your retreat vacations.

Spain has lots of lovely coastline and beaches that are some of the best in all the world.

Learning Massage in Spain

There are plenty of reasons to learn massage. Whether you want to learn it out of passion or to advance it as a career, massaging is increasingly becoming a high-demand job due to its popularity in Spain and Europe. It is considered as an alternative health method in prevention of many kinds of ailments not just in Spain and Europe but also other parts of the world like North America. Massage has been a useful method to relieve muscular tension and stress among clients thereby making them live healthier lives.

The demand for qualified massage therapists in Spain has led to establishment of many massage schools that offer massage courses at affordable rates. Some of these massage courses in Spain are actually offered without any prior requirements depending on the institution you are in like the introductory course which is actually aimed at those students who have no prior skills and do not wish to become full practitioners. There is also the basic course which is meant for students with basic therapy skills but would like to expand their skills and knowledge especially on Anatomy and Physiology. Such students upon completion of the course may practice massaging at homes on a small scale.

For students who want to progress further than this, there is the Advanced course which are for the graduates of the basic course. In advanced course, the students have full understanding of the Anatomy and Physiology courses and are actually ready to go to practitioner’s level which is the final course. Once completed, the students graduate with a practitioners’ diploma and can become full time or part-time therapists.

Some of the best massage schools in Spain include European Shiatsu School, Vipassana, Mustache, and Silom among others.

Most of them are located in Barcelona and offer a wide range massaging services.


  1. Shirley

    Thanks Mia you’re definitely the expert around here when it comes to Spain! What is the best time to come that you recommend?

  2. Pete

    I heard spain was a good place for a holiday to lose some weight. What places in Spain are best for weight loss? also if I want to do fitness classes and yoga and detoxing too, what is the best places to go?

  3. David

    My wife and I are set to travel to Spain in order to go on a weight loss vacation there. We have not booked our detox center yet and are looking for options. We need more advice on the best places to go on retreat in Spain.

  4. mary

    i want to do a weight loss retreat can i find the best in Spain? Maybe in europe there are other places for detoxing is it big in Portugal?

  5. Anonymous

    are the detox retreats in Spain good or is it better to go to somewhere in Asia like Phuket or Bali?

  6. Julie

    what kind of treatments and spas are there in spain? Think spain would be a nice place to go for weight loss.

    • Kelly Davis.

      Spain has lots of different weight loss centres and can be a very good place to go if you don’t mind travelling. I have lost weight in Spain at a detox centre in Alicante.

  7. Lesly

    Hi Mia Spain looks like a great place for a weight loss and detox holiday, what do you think about the best times of year to come and also when and where is the best retreat centre to look for? Many thanks.

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