Thursday, May 28, 2020

Spinach Juice Stops Bleeding (Chinese Medicine)


Among foods we eat, there are a few delicious food with effects to help health unexpectedly or used as medical treatment. The typical thing is spinach. It has nutritionally, vitamin A and C-D-E, and various enzyme vitalizing body, and the content of magnesium is high especially in minerals. It was written in the book of Chinese medicine that spinach replenishes blood and five viscera are made beneficial.

Moreover, in Chinese alimentotherapy, It has the hemostasis effect in bloody feces, nose bleeding, etc., and is good for thirst and hangover after alcohol drinking. Also it is said that the effect curing nyctalopia(night blindness) is excellent.

The spinach which we usually take in food is boiled in the boiling water, is dressed with seasonings, such as sesame oil, sesame, and soy sauce.

But since there is a possibility of making a calculus and inducing urinary tract calculosis in the body if the juice which were boiled too much have been eaten for a long time, It may be harmful.

When using by medical treatment foods of the specific illness, it is desirable to make and take raw juice.

Since the character of spinach got cold, and it had slight poison, it was said that taking for a long period of time should withhold.

Therefore, it is mixed with how many kinds of vegetables, and if the juice of spinach is made and drunk, the poison of a spinach will be eased and the rise effect will be gained by medical treatment.

* Direction for use
For the condition of chronic constipation and diarrhea, drink juice of mixture with spinach 100g, Japanese radish 50g, and red pepper at morning and evening, 2 times.

For bleeding, drink mixture of spinach 200g and red pepper, and ginseng 1 hour before a meal

For severe hemorrhoids. drink the mixture of spinach 200g and red pepper 100g, onion 50g, celery 50g, and cucumber 50g which are made from the juice of mixture 1 hour before meal.

Wang Wei
Wang Wei is a holistic health practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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