Sunday, January 24, 2021

Spiritual Guidance: How You Can Make a Different


The notion that no action is accidental, and all action impacts the universal scheme of evolution is explained in this extract from That Which Is, the teachings of Hermeas. The most important thought for any individual to remember is that every action, plays a part in the overall scheme of things. The saddest effect of the existing social influences is that an individual is considered to be unimportant unless they have achieved a position of external power or wealth.

The simple act of example has been neglected in the thought process.

It takes so little effort to do a thing that others may see, agree with and eventually copy. You need to recognize that all essential teaching is an act of expression and imitation.

When a child first begins to learn something they don’t know what it is they are learning. They simply imitate and eventually the actions take on meaning. So it is with all beings in form. The reason it is important for beings who are conscious to live their truth, is so that others may see them doing it, and copy that behavior.

Lack of understanding

The advantage to the pervasiveness of information, which has taken place in what you call this New Age, is that by imitation there will be a considerable number who will learn something – even if they don’t understand what they are doing in the meantime. Because of this lack of understanding, many drop out or remain stuck in the pattern of seeking.

They become the ever seeking, because they are uncertain about what they looking for – and if they were to find it, it would frighten them anyway.

It doesn’t matter, though. In the pattern of repeating and imitating what you have seen, something is learned, even if it is not understood.

Lesson in humility

For those of you who are used to understanding something after experiencing it once, or who get frustrated continually with those who do not see the obvious, it is a lesson in humility and understanding of the process. It should be understood that all beings are not equipped to comprehend to the same degree at the same time, any more than a 3-year-old can comprehend with the depth of a 10-year-old. The same sequence of events takes on a different meaning as you grow with maturity and understanding, and bring to a given experience a wider range of related experiences. So it is important to be allowing of those who imitate poorly, what they see you do. They try, but the imitation is simply not terribly convincing. It is unsuccessful because they are imitating the surface of what they see instead of the deeper meaning.

So each individual performs their own act of creative participation in the whole. The most important thing is that they come to realize it, accept it, own it, and take it as their responsibility.

Is it not true that if you pick up your own refuse, you may inspire another to do the same; that if you take the time to stop an argument in the street, another person may get the idea that they can do that as well? You take your own action. You simply be it, and through anther’s act of imitation you have created a movement. Then the movement becomes a wave and a pattern, and the pattern then merges itself into a reality, a new existence.

Even successful mutation is nothing more than imitation, although it is occurring on a multi-cellular level. Mutation is not really accidental. What a concept!

Creative response

Isn’t it interesting how human beings, when faced with a scientific concept that they do not understand, acknowledge randomness, chaos, or accident as a viable scientific truth, instead of recognizing a creative response?

Mutation is a choice, made at a micro-cellular level in agreement with universal truth; the coming into being of a change in form is registered by the micro-particles, the cellular structure of other related beings, who choose then to imitate it. Natural selection is an act of imitation.

It’s really extremely simple. The simplicity of truth is the thing most distressing, in most cases, to the scientific mind. They long for it to be as convoluted as the systems they have devised for discovering the truth. But the truth that they are discovering is essentially simple. It is the systems that are convoluted and confusing: just as when a thought that is being expressed is essentially simple, but the language can be more or less complicated as the case may be.

So, it is important to stress to all who would access this information that their individual participation is vital, absolutely vital! There is no such thing as “it doesn’t matter”.

This is important!

Constant awareness

It does matter. It matters in every moment. There must be constant awareness that any action you take, or choose not to take, will have an effect on something. You must also recognize that acknowledgment for such an act may not be forthcoming outside of you. Therefore, it is important that you, yourself, recognize the significance of the actions you are taking.

This is very difficult, even for those who are more enlightened, because there is always a need to have some acknowledgment of what they are doing. If you spend time worrying about whether or not your actions are being noticed, you stay with the actions that get noticed, instead of letting them go and continuing forward – into the unknown.

Go forward – secure in the knowing that your every act, thought and feeling is acknowledged and respected by those who watch and love you very much.

Harvey Miller
Many things matter in your life, but only one thing matters absolutely. It matters whether you succeed or fail. It matters whether you are healthy or unhealthy. It matters whether you are educated or uneducated. It matters whether you are wealthy or poor. Indeed, all these things matter, but they don't matter absolutely. There is something that matters more than any of those things and that is finding the essence of who you are beyond your mind-made self.

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