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Sport Management Graduate Programs


If you love sports, you may very well consider a career in the growing field of sport management. Sport management can entail being an athletic coach, but it can also entail essentially being a career manager for individual athletes, teams, or other groups of athletes. Sport management includes coaches, referees, sport club managers, umpires, and instructors, but primarily, the term sport management refers to those professionals who handle the business and promotional side of sports athletes.

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The drawback to sport management is that when an athlete that you manage receives a career ending injury, you have to find a new client, or your career is over as well. Every generation produces new outstanding athletes, and all of these athletes need sport management – from junior leagues all the way to professional leagues, for every type of sport that you can imagine.

You can break into the field of sport management with as little as a bachelor’s degree, but the greatest career opportunities are only available to those who have a Master’s Degree, and particularly those who hold a MBA, or Master of Business Administration Degree. You also need to have a love of sports, and you must be knowledgeable about the sport that you manage as well, including being cognizant of all of the problems that are associated with that sport for the athletes that you will manage. You also need outstanding communication skills, including the ability to negotiate well.

The salary that you will make as a sport manager depends on many factors. These include how much education you have, how much experience you have, and the sport that you manage, as well as the level of sport that you manage. For example, a sport manager for high school athletes will not earn as much as a sport manager for a professional athlete. How well the athletes that you manage do in their sport also determines the building of your own reputation as well.

Sport Management Programs Resources

Course Title: Master of Sports Science
Name of Company: United States Sports Academy
Location: One Academy Drive, Daphne, Alabama, United States
Description: This organization offers programs online, and includes a Bachelor of Sports Science and a Doctor of Education in Sports Management as well.

Course Title: Graduate Program in Sport Management
Name of Company: The University of San Francisco
Location: 2130 Fulton Street, San Francisco, California, United States
Description: This program prepares the student for a career in management and leadership of professional sports teams and college teams.

Course Title: Master of Science in Sports Management
Name of Company: Columbia University
Location: New York, New York, United States
Description: This Master’s program enables the student to grasp a full understanding of the sports industry and how teams and individual athletes need to be managed.

Course Title: Graduate Program in Sport Management
Name of Company: California State University – Long Beach
Location: 1250 Bellflower Boulevard, Long Beach, California, United States
Description: This is a 36 unit program that will enable you to earn your Master’s degree in about eighteen months.

Course Title: Master of Science in Sport Management
Name of Company: Drexel University
Location: PO Box 34729, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Description: This is an advanced, online program designed to connect psychology, nutrition, and management skills together with athletics.

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