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Sports Fitness Nutrition


As an athlete, sports fitness nutrition is an important science. Good nutrition and watching the food you eat plays a very important role in providing your body with the fuel it needs to carry out training and help you reach peak performance for competition. Through good nutrition the body can obtain the important energy you need and you will have the nutrients that you require to improve your muscular strength and stamina, as well as heal any strains or aches caused by rigorous training.

How Nutrition Helps Athletes

Food and nutrition is the source of energy for athletes and provides the means to build stamina, exercise regularly and reach peak performance for competition. Sports nutrition is based upon the scientific study of how carbohydrates, fats and protein interact and are absorbed by the body to fuel daily processes. Athletes require higher levels of energy in order to train successfully in their sport. Daily exercise and training can take their toll on the body, so good nutrition should go further than providing energy. Good nutrition should also provide the building blocks for routine maintenance and repair of the body as it comes under the stresses of high level athletic training.


The Important Elements of Good Nutrition for Sportspeople

Three of the most essential elements of good nutrition for sports are carbohydrate, fat and protein. When these are provided in the right proportions, the body achieves optimal fitness. Carbohydrate is useful as a source of lasting and accessible energy. Carbohydrates are favoured for their slow release of energy. Eating pasta the night before competing is one example of the way in which sportspeople will prepare and ensure their nutritional needs are met. Protein is important as it provides the building blocks for muscle. Without adequate levels of protein in the diet, the sportsperson will struggle to build the muscle they need to achieve their goals as an athlete. Finally, the amount of fat in the diet is also considered. In different sporting situations, the use of a high fat diet can provide energy to burn rapidly.

Consulting An Expert On Sports Diet & Nutrition

The right nutrition can have a significant impact upon the success of the athlete. In order to ensure you are eating a well balanced diet that delivers all the energy you need, it can help to consult a specialist in sports nutrition. A specialist can work to understand the nature of the training and competition you are involved in, using this information to understand your nutritional needs. Once the nutritionist has this information, they will then formulate a diet plan that delivers you the nutrition you need. The addition of supplements may also be a part of this process, with the nutritionist recommending the right vitamins, minerals and other health supplements to help boost your sports performance.

The balance of a tailored diet prepared by a qualified sports fitness nutritionist can make a real difference to your performance as an athlete. If you want that bit of extra energy to achieve success in training and competition, then the right choice of supplements and the right advice will mean that you can achieve optimal performance through the science nutrition.

Which Sports Help Weight Loss the Most?

kicking soccer ball

Aerobic Sports

For all intents and purposes, any sport that is considered to be aerobic in nature is great for weight loss. This means sports that keep you running or at the very least walking fast. These sports include basketball, football, and tennis. Boxing or kickboxing is also perfect for weight loss.

Additionally, swimming is excellent for weight loss, and many experts agree that this is the perfect sport for everybody because it puts no stress at all on the joints, and the water provides plenty of resistance. You do, however, actually need to be swimming to benefit, as opposed to just hanging out in the water.

Specific Sports for Specific Body Issues

When you are ready to tone the body, instead of or in addition to losing weight, you will want to participate in specific sports for specific body issues. For example, if your legs need toning, you should play basketball, soccer, football, or tennis.

If working the arms is important, racket type sports and volleyball are best. Biking is also great for the legs and the abdominals. But swimming is great for all body parts, so this should always be considered.

Sports Aren’t Always Necessary

You can get exercise for weight loss without actually attending any type of exercise class, and without playing sports. You can walk, jog, swim for fun, or bike. Instead of thinking of walking as exercise, consider it getting out and getting fresh air and sunshine – or as a mode of transportation. The same can be said for jogging or biking. Think of swimming as a fun way to cool off instead of exercise.

As you can see, exercise can be obtained in a variety of ways – and you don’t even have to call it exercise. You can lose weight, and get the physical activity required for this through a wide range of fun activities. The point is to get active more than anything else. The truth of the matter is that reducing calories will help you to lose weight, and you will burn calories just by breathing. Exercise – or fun physical activity – simply speeds up the weight loss process and rewards you with good overall health.


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