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St John’s Wort Benefits


Holistic Information About Benefits Of Hypericum Extract

St John’s Wort (SJW) or Hypericum perforatum is popularly known as Hypericum extract. This is one of the foremost herbs for depression. SJW is has been used traditionally for several centuries.

Recently the antidepressant activity of this botanical is extensively researched  primarily in Germany and later on in other countries including UK and USA. The main benefits of this herbal remedy for depression are:

  1. Efficacy is comparable to modern pharmacological drugs. Its credibility is increased due to the fact that it is prescribed by modern doctors in Germany for mild to moderate depression.
  2. The side effects profile is quite lower and in many cases it had been found equal to placebo.
  3. The drug to herb interactions are present but they are never dangerous or fatal.
  4. SJW is cheaper in comparison to several drugs.

Online Resource Of St Johns Wort

Names, Phytochemicals And Dosage Of St johns wort:

st johns wort or Hypericum perforatum is one of the most researched and widely used herbal remedy for depression and related conditions. Find the common names, latin name, family, mechanism of action, medicinally used parts, dosage, phytochemical ingredients and the timing of its dosage. Find more info about dosage of st johns wort.

Research Grade Hypericum Extract And German Commission E Monographs:

st johns wort or hypericum extract is sold as herbal supplement freely. So many companies are formulating it on the basis of extracts used in clinical research trials of this herbal antidepressant supplement in Germany.

Find how the extract of hypericum perforatum is obtained for clinical use and its process of standardization. Germany is the country where hypericum extract is supported with largest number of clinical studies as well as by the prescriptions of doctors. Know more info about Research Grade Hypericum Extract And German Commission E Monographs.

Traditional Uses Of st johns wort And Areas Of Research Besides Depression:

Hypericum extract is researched mostly for its antidepressant effect. Though in many small trials it has been proven to be useful in several other disorders. These disorders range from common skin troubles to pain relief to viral diseases and alcoholism.

st johns wort or Hypericum perforatum is used in folk medicine for more several centuries. Find common uses of hypericum based on traditional herbal medicine.

History Of Traditional Or Folk Use Of st johns wort And Its Oil:

st johns wort or Hypericum perforatum is backed by traditional use of 2400 years in Greek by Dioscorides, Hippocrates and other eminent ancient authorities. Find the views of folk medicine or traditional medicine personalities over a span of history.

Along with historical aspects, know about how its oil is processed traditionally and what it is used for.

st johns wort Or Hypericum Perforatum Supported By Clinical Research Trials:

The medicinal herb st johns wort or Hypericum perforatum has been extensively studied for its antidepressant effect. These studies have been presented here in a format that is an easy to read and understand.

Find how these studies with hypericum extract had been done with standard criteria of their own times like HAMD, CGI, D-S scores. And certainly the large proportion of these clinical trials were done in Germany where this herbal remedy has the reputation of being a prescribed herb by doctors.

Get familiar with the overall benefits of st johns wort as compared to modern pharmacological drugs. How various studies has validated its lower side effects, better compliance, equivalent effect and cheaper profile than conventional drugs.

The two clinical studies about hypericum are given here – one is perhaps the oldest and with more historical interest and second one is available with another botanical Valerian. Get the details of these clinical trials.

Benefit Of st johns wort Or Hypericum Perforatum On Stress, Sleep And Depression:

Four clinical research studies about st johns wort are discussed here. They are about the benefit of hypericum extract on stress, sleep and depression.

First study has found increased melatonin secretion at night and suggests insomnia relieving activity in hypericum extract. The cortisol level has gone down on stress provoking tests and this indicates better tolerance of stressful conditions with hypericum extract therapy.

Second study found antidepressant effect of hypericum extract showed its full effect after four weeks of treatment. So hypericum therapy should not be considered for short term  or immediate benefit.

Third study tested the effect of hypericum extract against standard drug Amitryptiline. The comparable antidepressant effect and lower side effects profile of st johns extract was found in comparable with Amitryptiline.

Fourth study of hypericum extract fulfilled one of the highest quality on Ernst Criteria. Hypericum extract was found comparable in its antidepressant effect with Imipramine and better in tolerance. Be familiar with these research studies.

Antidepressant Herb Hypericum Perforatum Tested Against Placebo, Maprotiline And In More Than 3250 Patients In Germany:

st johns wort or Hypericum perforatum related several studies are available that are of high quality, double blind, placebo controlled and done in multiple centers.

One multicenter based study found hypericum extract to have comparable effect with standard drug Maprotiline. Hypericum extract has slower onset of action while Maprotiline has faster onset of action.

Another double blind placebo controlled observation group study concluded with the recommendation of hypericum extract as antidepressant botanical for mild to moderate depressant outpatients.

Researchers concluded in this double blind placebo controlled study that hypericum extract treatment showed good patient compliance, lesser side effects and no drug interactions in this trial as compared to standard pharmacological drug for depression.

In this interesting study, 3250 patients chosen from practices of 663 doctors were evaluated on D-S scores. The conclusion has been similar to former studies – lesser dropouts, better acceptance, effective, lower profile of side effects and adverse effects. Find more info about these studies of Hypericum Extract.

How st johns wort Or Hypericum Extract Affects Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) And EEG Of Old Persons:

st johns wort or Hypericum perforatum extract has been evaluated in SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder patients. Its effect has been tested on sleep and quality of EEG or Electroencephalogram of older patients.

SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of major depression with typical set of symptoms in a particular season. Light therapy is effective in SAD.

Hypericum extract therapy was found with antidepressant effect in SAD patients in this first study of its type. Assumptions of sensitization of hypericum by light gained more weight as a by product of this study. The favorable effect of hypericum on melatonin and cortisol secretion was also inferred to by this study.

Next study tested the effect of st johns wort extract treatment on sleep and EEG of older persons. Researchers concluded that hypericum therapy should be free of sedative effect. Additionally the onset time of sleep (the time one takes to sleep) is shortened and there is slight increase in the duration of deep sleep. View the details of Hypericum’s effect on SAD and EEG of elder patients.

Hypericum Extract And Its Effect On Heart, Catecholamine, HPA Axis And Anticancer Drugs:

St johns wort or Hypericum perforatum extract was tested for its effect on some biochemicals and neurotransmitters. Its effect was also seen on the activity of anticancer drug Gleevec.

Sixteen double blind clinical studies were reviewed for their quality and they demonstrated definite and significant superiority of hypericum extract over placebo. Another meta-analysis of clinical studies also concluded with similar results.

Some researchers criticized the clinical studies related with hypericum extract and these are the points that should be paid due attention. However now there are sufficiently large number of studies are available outside Germany.

In vitro study of hypericum extract was carried out to evaluate its effect on Catecholamine and cardiovascular  regulation through biochemical and physiological tests. The effects of hypericum extract were compared with positive control group taking Imipramine.

Another study is related with the effect of hypericum extract over HPA axis – the major hormonal pathway that is associated with stress, anxiety and depression. Flavonoids in hypericum extract exerted positive influence on HPA axis that contributes toward antidepressant activity.

In another study with anticancer drug Gleevac, hypericum extract was found to reduce its concentration in blood by 42% and therby diminishing its effect.

Find more details about these clinical studies about st john’s wort.

Hypericum Extract In Anxiety, OCD, Phobia, Dermatitis, Menstrual Disorders And Inflammatory Disorders:

St johns wort or Hypericum extract beneficial in many disorders like anxiety, OCD, social phobia, atopic dermatitis, menstrual disorders, HIV and some inflammatory diseases. These benefits of hypericum extract are less studied than its antidepressant effect. These are supported more by its traditional use and to a little extent by small clinical trials.

In many clinical studies of depression with hypericum extract, it was noticed that the secondary symptoms related to anxiety were also relieved.

The topical application of hypericum extract is popular in atopic dermatitis. However, caution should be taken to avoid exposure to Sun light.

Despite lack of clinical data, some herbalists use it in conjunction with other herbs in treatment of OCD.

St johns wort is in use for perimenopausal symptoms and in Pre-menstrual Syndrome.

Social phobia didn’t respond to hypericum extract.

Hypericum extract reduced the damage caused by white blood cells as a result of oxidative processes in inflammatory disorders. Know more about benefits of st john’s wort other than depression.

Clinical Studies About Pharmacodynamics Of Hypericum Extract Or st johns wort:

Various pharamacological studies are available that describe the pharacodynamics of st johns wort or Hypericum extract. Finally the summary of assumptions or hypothesis regarding possible mechanism of action, whatever you may call them, is also presented.

First study is about the influence of Hypericum extract on CNS or central nervous system activity that included heart rate variability, cognitive functions and EEG.

Second study confirmed that the phototoxic dose of hypericum extract is 30-50 times higher than its normal therapeutic dosage.

Another study found hypericum extract effective in alcoholics with gastritis and peptic ulcer.

This study found that st. johns wort didn’t have any side effects or interactions with alcohol. Find more info about pharmacodynamics of st. john’s wort.

Clinical Studies About Pharmacokinetics Of St Johns Wort Or Hypericum Extract:

Some pharmacokinetic studies about st johns wort or Hypericum extract are discussed. They are about – the difference of hypericin and pseudohypericin, hypericin uptake as sensitizer in phtotherapy in cancer, MAO and COMT inhibitor fragments of hypericum extract and the effect of hypericum extract on serotonin receptors.

First study is about the difference between hypericin and pseudohypericin along several pharmacokinetic criteria like median plasma levels, elimination half time, lag time, steady state concentration.

Next study is about the pattern of uptake, biodistribution and elimination of hypericin in various tissues. This typical pattern tells more about late onset of antidepressant effect and its building up over time.

Hypericin, Xantholones and Flavolons are the phytochemicals found in Hypericum extract. The MAO and COMT inhibitory activity is seen in different grades in these three groups of phytochemicals.

How the SSRIs like effect is actually exerted by Hypericum extract is the topic of this study. It found that pharmacological drugs blocks the neurotransmitter, whereas hypericum extracts blocks the receptor of the neurotranmitter. Find more about pharmacokinetics of st john’s wort.

Hyperforin, Hypericin And Kampferol In Hypericum Extract And Their Effect On Serotonin And Depression:

St johns wort or Hypericum extract had significant antidepressant effect that is comparable to drugs so several clinical studies were done to find out how hypericum extract or its active principle could affect the body.

Hypericum extract was improved cognitive functions and it had relaxant properties when it was compared to Maprotiline.

Radioactive serotonin was used in this study to find the effect of hypericum extract on serotonin uptake at post synaptic receptors. Serotonin uptake was inhibited by Hypericum extract.

Full hypericum extract was found to have significant antidepressant activity in comparison to hypericin and kampferol. Hypericum extract reduced the uptake of serotonin and norepinephrine.

Some studies about Hyperforin are discussed here. They are about its antibacterial activity. Some studies are about its claim and later withdrawal from being the chief chemical in hypericum extract with antidepressant activity. Find how phytochemicals in st john’s wort like hypericin, hyperforin affect the neurotransmitters of our brain.

Use St. John’s Wort For:

  1. Mild Depression.
  2. If your mood is low and you are feeling sad, this is a good herbal supplement to support your mood and brain.
  3. Use one vegicap once or twice or thrice a day with water after food. Each vegicap has 300 mg of dried extract, standardized with 0.3% hypericin and 3% hyperforin.
As a native Indian and an Ayurvedic holistic healer, Arjun writes in the lane of herbal healing and home remedies. Certification: BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery With Modern Medicine).

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