Friday, November 27, 2020

Starting a Raw Food Diet


Whether you realise it or not, you are one amazing person consisting of four awe-inspiring aspects – mind, body, spirit and emotion.

Most people in our society today are either unaware of this fact, or, because of the fast-paced world we live in, are just too busy to notice. In fact, for most people there is little or no sense of the disharmony constantly going on within and without – after all, there’s plenty of things to distract us from this awareness – but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there!

When you go raw – or even dabble a little – you do two things: you eat differently and you think differently. Thinking outside the box is, after all, what brought you to raw foods in the first place! So it’s not very long, therefore, as the raw food begins to work its magic and your blood chemistry starts to change and your cells come alive, until you begin to feel differently too. And as your body begins to rejuvenate and renew, finally you start to look differently – and so the transformation has begun. Powerful stuff indeed!

And as these four aspects of us begin to re-awaken, we cannot fail but to become increasingly aware that there was and still is disharmony between these four aspects of ourselves, as everything – both good and not-so-good – becomes so much clearer. This is our wake-up call. And suddenly this awareness brings with it a big decision: To do the work necessary to unify and blossom, or to pretend we didn’t notice a thing and go back to the old way of doing things.

The latter is difficult, but not impossible – people do it every day. It feels safer somehow to comfort and numb ourselves out with food and drink that we know isn’t really good for us and we are all pretty good at burying our head in the sand when it suits us, aren’t we?! However, as many raw fooders will tell you, it’s very difficult to forget what you have seen or felt when you dabble with raw and living foods. Very quickly life can begin to look and feel very different – a good different, and when the magic hits it can be very hard to go back! In fact, to try to do so – as many are only too well aware – is really selling yourself very short, betraying the part of you that longs to feel fully alive, fully connected and fully conscious.

So what to do with these new feelings and the emerging awareness, and is going raw really worth the effort?

The Importance of Your BIG Why

Knowing that going raw takes effort, relearning, resolve and commitment can be enough to put most people off, for sure. “I could never do that!” is a common cry from many people who imagine that eating raw is a never-ending cycle of carrot sticks, big bowls of apples and uninspiring plates of lettuce leaves with the occasional sprouted mung bean for a treat! Whilst this couldn’t be further from the truth (see here for just a few of the many mouth-watering ingredients, recipes and menu ideas in Karen’s Kitchen), it’s not hard to see why only the committed hang in there – they know the rewards they are going after and their sights are firmly set on the prize – but on what prize, exactly? What is it that keeps some people moving forward despite everyone else seemingly thinking they’re crazy or are taking things just a little too far?

Knowing Your Big Why is imperative. If your reasons for going raw are not juicy, compelling and speak directly to your soul then chances are that you will find the going gets pretty tough pretty quickly. Despite outward appearances the raw food journey extends way beyond “good nutrition” and “healthy living” and ventures (hurrah!) into the much more fascinating and rewarding realms of self-knowledge, body awareness, aligning with self and nature, unstoppable energy, zest for life, developing intuition, respecting the planet and all manner of other exciting territories previously uncharted. So having your juicy, compelling and soulful reason/s is not a “nice-to-have” but an absolute must if you are to keep moving forward and leaping from level to level feeling joyful, focussed and purposeful all the way!

Those that have their Big Why sorted are generally the only ones who safely reach “the other side”. Ask some successful raw foodists why they went raw and why it was easy for them, and you’ll soon learn what sets them apart.

For more about Your Big Why, download Karen’s free “So You Want to Go Raw?

The Two Aspects of Going Raw

When we decide to eat more raw food, to whatever level and for whatever reasons, most of us have to learn all the ins and outs of things. Most of us are starting from a place of little or no knowledge, and the road ahead may seem long, foggy, potentially lonely and somewhat daunting.

The good news is that here in the twenty-first century going raw has never been easier or more fun! Good quality organic raw and living foods are much more easily available, there’s new raw foods appearing in major supermarkets all the time and there’s a plethora of great raw food books and amazingly delectable recipes to choose from – there’s even magazines, festivals, retreats, potlucks, support groups and raw food restaurants to explore. Life as a raw fooder has never been more colourful!

But making things happen in your own world can often prove more than a little tricky for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s dealing with negative comments from housemates or family, figuring out what food to buy and exactly what to do with it, or simply knowing where to start in the context of your current diet, there’s a myriad of ways that you might find yourself feeling out of your depth and looking for some serious help or the loan of a good fairy!

And then there’s the emotional detox. This is the bit that no-one ever told you about. For some strange reason you find that the more raw food you eat, the better you feel – you’re noticeably happier too – yet at other times you find yourself feeling increasingly isolated and dissatisfied with certain areas of your life that previously you hadn’t readily admitted weren’t working for you. Not good!

Indeed, waking up to this fact can be painful – too painful sometimes – and at times like this the bread bin, ice-cream carton or cookie jar seems by far like the best place to go! And this is a whole other story…

So, we have two major issues here:

1. How to go raw in practical terms – what food?, what recipes?, what equipment? and so on.


2. How to deal with the ensuing emotional turbulence – the moments when you realise that the life you’re living is not the one you truly want to be living, your friends and family think you’re crazy and beg you to eat steak, and the times when there’s so many voices and opinions in your head that you can no longer even recognise your own thoughts and feelings!

But Don’t Worry! Going Raw is Easy When you Know How…

The good news is that, providing you are clear as to why you want to go raw and your passion is there in spades, thanks to Karen’s ground-breaking work there are now very clear maps and tools to help you overcome your obstacles – that anyone can follow. You just have to want it enough!

Whether you are looking for a book to guide you, some fast and easy recipes, a 1-day beginners class, some one-to-one personal coaching, or a hands-on workshop, on this site you’ll be able to find whatever you need to fit your own unique requirements and to set you on your own special path to food and body freedom.

What you do with that is entirely up to you, but the potential is unlimited! Your body and your life could be radically transformed over the next few months – you could be unrecognisable and looking and feeling like a million dollars – doesn’t that excite you?!

Going Raw was meant to be a beautiful, enlightening experience… Don’t feel you have to struggle and figure it all out for yourself! The work has already been done for you by Karen. It’s all laid out and ready for you just to pick up and use. So why not take the easy route? Learn from someone who has gone before, has documented what needs to be done – and how, and fast-track yourself to the energy, radiance and total body bliss waiting for you – today!

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