Friday, November 27, 2020

Stop Drinking Milk? Try This


Stopping drinking milk can be one of the best things to give up first when becoming a full vegan.

There has been some news that a group wants the name “milk” only reserved for dairy products. Meaning that things like soy milk/rice milk/almond milk (and so on) could not be called milk anymore.

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I’d love to see vegan products get away from calling things by the non-vegan word (like chicken, burgers or meat). It’s a dilemma though, as coming up with something that suggests what an omnivore will think something tastes like is often difficult. I mean, how many of your non-vegan friends and family know what seitan is? If I say “nutritional yeast” with out saying the words “adds a cheesy flavor” I seem to lose people.

I’d love to see some name changes, but perhaps it is the dairy industry that should change the name of their products to reflect, more honestly as to what they are.

I asked folks on twitter tonight what we should call dairy products and what we could potentially call non-dairy products. Here are some of the clever suggestions:

For dairy:

  • Fat gain juice
  • Infant Cow Food
  • Bovine lactation beverage
  • Bovine mammary secretions
  • Breast Milk
  • Breast Cheese
  • Full of puss and blood
  • Disease causing liquid
  • Death

(you get the picture)

or for the non-dairy “milks” here were some of the suggestions:

  • rape-less milk
  • this will not hurt any creature beverage
  • Just the word beverage, so “Soy Beverage” or “Rice Beverage”
  • Won’t cause osteoporosis beverage.
  • Nectar (like Soy Nectar)
  • Mylk

I’m sure there is something that will work. It irritates me that the dairy industry continues to get away with what it does. Aside from the health complications to humans – like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, type 1 diabetes and osteoporosis, the milk industry causes so much harm and pain to millions of innocent animals every single day. What they do to these beautiful mother’s is criminal, and it should be stopped. Humans need milk from the breasts of their own mother’s, not from the breasts of another creature. We have been lied to over and over again, and sadly, many still believe that milk is healthy for them and that it does not cause harm or death to animals.

As for what to call the non-dairy milk’s? I’m not sure, but I would love to see the day when the dairy industry is forced to tell people the truth about what they are drinking.

What would you like non-dairy milk to be called?


  1. wendy

    i like the “beverage” thing. or maybe “nectar.” i don’t care what they call it, just don’t take my almond milk away!


  2. Ryan

    I remember reading somewhere (but have no idea where, so I may be totally making this up) that the word “milk” was used with regards to juice from things like nuts before it was used to refer to cow’s milk.

    My question is: will mother’s milk have to be called something else now, too, since it might cause confusion with cow milk?

  3. Girl

    frankly, i think it’s bizarre and a little pathetic on the side of the dairy industry. as someone already mentioned, what about breast milk? and nut milks have been referred to that way for ages. i think most people think of milk as something that is squeezed out of something else–be it an udder, a breast, a nut, or a soybean. trying to trademark the word ‘milk’ so that it only refers to cows’ breast milk sounds, to me, more like a publicity stunt than a serious undertaking. kind of like the dairy industry version of PeTA’s ‘sea kittens’ campaign.

  4. VeganLife

    in an interview recently I said something like “and its so much healthier than cow juice” or maybe it was “fermented cow cheese” (in talking about cheese) either way the interviewer was really, really offended and gave me a lecture on how it’s “milk” or “dairy” and I shouldn’t be so disrespectful… my reply “go suck on ya mama’s tit-tay!” so maybe I lost my professionalism hat in that one interview…

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