Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Why We Should Not Eat Fast Food


French fries, hamburgers, tacos, and fried whatever—fast food has made our lives convenient to the point that it is making more diseases more common. Diabetes and obesity are literary skyrocketing as millions of people drive up to a fast food chain instead of making a healthy meal at home. Take a step back and think about it, however—do you know what is in your food? Do you know how it is prepared or its quality? These are things you should be concerned with, and if you are not, there is something wrong.

Food preparation is a big concern when it comes to fast food. It is called fast for a reason. Very few restaurants flip their burgers on a grill. Instead, they use a machine that runs the burgers through and cooks them. If you come to the restaurant during an off-hour, you may get stale food. This saves the restaurant time and money. Do what I do and always order it fresh. You will find that you have to wait for it, but it is worth the wait.

In addition, you will notice on the ingredient label many ingredients that are foreign or unfamiliar to you. Fast food is always using artificial flavoring in their foods. They may also use corn syrup (a type of sugar), or a chemical called propylene glycol, which is used in electronic cigarette fillers. Does that gross you out? It should. The more educated you are, the more healthy choices you can make about your food.

Similarly, let us not put out of our minds the possibility of food poisoning. According to naturalnews.com, almost 200,000 people suffer from food poisoning each year. A likely cause is when animals are killed when they are sick, which often happens in the fast food industry. While this is against the law, there are always loopholes to the law. Unfortunately, this trickles down to the consumer who eats the hamburger, hot dog or whatever else at the fast food restaurant and the outcome is not good. Buyer, beware.

Likewise, let us not forget what causes the diabetes and obesity I mentioned earlier. First, fast food introduces too much salt and sodium into their food. Fast food workers dump salt on fries, chicken and burgers. There is also too much saturated fats, which leads to high blood pressure, poor cardiovascular health and poor circulation. Instead of saturated fats, you want zero trans fats, which are the good fats. Furthermore, there is—if any—very little nutritious value. It is not a likely source for protein, vitamins and minerals. Heck, you will be lucky if your burger is luke warm!

Finally, stay away from fast food because of their large portion size. Experts suggest that we eat portions no larger than our fist, but most of us do not stick to this measurement. Instead, we eat portions double or triple that size. We need to start considering the consequences of these portions and limiting ourselves if we want to keep our slim figure. Do not fall into the fast food trap. The commercials may look appealing, but the food never tastes as awesome as it looks on television. Always go for that home-cooked meal and your body is going to thank you for it. It is great to be healthy and not have to worry about a drive and dine experience with cold food, isn’t it? I like my food hot, so let us go home and have a great dinner!


  1. amber smith

    I am in sixth grade and I am writing a essay on why people should not eat fast food. And I agreewith you

  2. Terri

    Well, I guess there’s a bright side to every circumstance. My husband was recently downsized, and we’re now on a strict budget; consequently we’ve had to stop eating out. We missed it at first, but have both lost weight, and feel better since we cook at home. When we had to stop, we realized how often we’d been eating out and were a little surprised.
    As far as the food poisoning side of the issue, I don’t think a day goes by without a news story about someone having a problem with restaurant food. It’s definitely safer to eat at home. We wouldn’t go back to our old ways even if we could,

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A mother of three, lover of children and keeping them (and us adults!) as healthy as can be. I have worked as a midwife and nurse for 12 years. Email: jennifer@cleanseplan.com

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