Saturday, June 15, 2019

Stress Eating: Staying Clean Under Emotional Pressure


You’ve heard it before…..

“Don’t eat for emotional reasons.”

“Don’t eat when you’re stressed or upset.”

“If you’ve had some stress in your life, fast.”

“Whatever you do, don’t go back to cooked food!”

The advice seems easy enough, doesn’t it?

And then, when something stressful really does happen, you no longer care about whatever you’ve read, or whatever someone tells you to do.

You want relief. You want comfort.

We’ve all heard these or similar claims from people who recommend the “best” for us when we are experiencing pains or stresses.

I am not one to dwell on or even discuss much about pain or stress, but when it happens, it happens.

We haven’t wanted to talk about this much, but Heidi and I have been going through some stress right now in our personal life.

We know it will pass, as do all things in life, good or bad, but it gives me something fascinating to reflect on.

In these situations, how does one deal best with stress and eating raw? Do we allow ourselves some comfort foods? Do we fast? Should we just let it go and eat whatever we want?

Perhaps it depends on how stressful the situation is. Or perhaps it depends on how much stress you can handle before you feel you are about to break down.

In the past, it’s been a mixture of all of them. For the most part during this ordeal, I have not been very hungry, but when I have, boy do I want cooked food!

What do you do when you experience a stressful situation and how do you stay raw?

We would love to hear your comments.

Fortunately we are very happy and supportive in our relationship together, and we have many close friends and family who are helping us through this time. Heidi and I can get through anything together!

We have a feeling that the sun is about to shine on this situation, and we’ll get through this.




  1. Heidi

    A few words about eating and stress:

    When something stressful happens in your life, or around the world, it is important to eat simply and keep hydrated. We both aren’t feeling as fantastic as we normally do, so we are going to eat mainly mono meals of fruit, and keep things simple. I am going to be drinking lots of watermelon smoothies in the next few days.

    Finally, we are both completely awed and amazed by the amount of help that the Red Cross, fire departments, police departments, local hospitals and the local Holiday Inn have provided to the victims and families affected by this crisis.

    If you enjoy this blog, and you want to help, we recommend the best way to help is a donation to the Twin Cities chapter of the Red Cross. They seem to be offering multiple resources of assistance to the victims, their families, and all the rescue workers who are working around the clock to work on the recovery efforts right now.

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