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Stress Management Techniques List (Top 10!)


When you’re stressed out nothing seems simple. Learning and applying these stress management techniques can make a big difference!

1. Release those frustrations!

If you’re upset or angry, or you feel tension, do something physical. Take a walk, or go jogging. Grab a friend and play some tennis. Or maybe your garden needs some weeds yanked out! Any physical activity helps you control the “fight” impulse, and the “flight” urge, thus relieving the emotional or mental tension, a great stress technique.

2. One Step and One Thing at a Time!

Trying to do a dozen things at once usually means “they won’t get done” or “they won’t get done right.” Take a time out and apply stress techniques. Go over your task list in your mind, get a pen and paper. Write your tasks down and prioritize your list. Then relax for a few minutes with your favorite drink before tackling your list.

3. Talk About It!

Sometimes you just need to talk. Find someone you trust and can “let your hair down” with. If it’s not something you can tell a friend or family member, that’s okay. It could be a minister, a doctor, or a counselor. When you need to really let it out, you need the guidance that a professional can give you.

4. Acceptance of the Unchangeable!

A lot of problems are beyond our power of control. We tend to beat our head against a brick wall at these times. It’s not human nature to easily accept “uncontrollable” events. Accept what cannot be changed and move forward.

5. Getting sufficient rest and sleep!

Not enough rest or sleep lessens our abilities in dealing with tension. Most people need at least 7-8 hours sleep in a 24 hour period. Consult your doctor if tension or stress is causing insomnia.

6. Help yourself by helping someone else!

A great tension reducer is in helping someone else out. You stop thinking about yourself and you’re doing a good deed in turn.

7. Relax and let go!

Those are words we usually hate to hear. One source of stress comes from other people. Letting them be the victor isn’t so mind boggling. Go with the flow and let yourself relax!

8. Pass on self-medication!

Treating yourself with medication to relieve stress is dangerous. Chemicals, including alcohol, may seem to alleviate the stress, but they do not help you to cope with the stress. Many chemical substances are habit-forming! Consult your doctor first.

9. Balancing Life with Recreation and Work!

“All work and no play” is not a good strategy to live by! The mind needs recreation just as the body does. Include enough time off in your schedule to relax or loaf. Enjoy life.

10. Be available!

Do you get stressed from being bored, feeling unwanted or in a time warp? Get moving and let people know that you want to do something different and have some fun. You never know if you like something until you try it so get out and try it!

The best stress techniques are those that are easy to use, are learned quickly, and easy to apply.

Stress techniques help you control your stress making life much more enjoyable!

Learning to apply stress management techniques is a very rewarding way to relieve stress. In just minutes each day you can be relaxed and feeling well — whether your are squeezing stress balls or undergoing aromatherapy. There are many stress management resources available today to learn how to eliminate bad stress from your life.

Stress is a part of life, but it doesn’t need to control your life.

It’s important to know what stress is and how it affects you in your life. If you’re armed with knowledge, then you can be armed to prevent stress from controlling you.

Stress Management Articles and Information

What is Stress?

The emotion of Stress is the physical and psychological forces that are experienced by individuals in daily life. It is a natural part of life and not all of it is bad. Many times it’s the driving force that helps you accomplish creative successful things. It can help keep you motivated to face challenges and solve problems. But if you experience the feeling that the demand exceeds your resources, it can be unhealthy.

Signs of Stress

The signs of stress can be confusing and send out signals that we would not think to associate with stress. Knowing how to recognize these signs is extremely important to our overall well-being.

Effects of Stress

Research now shows stress is one of the major causes of all illnesses. The effects of stress have a major impact on women’s health.

Managing Stress

When we talk about effectively managing stress, it is essential that we know what stress is and how it affect us. There is in physics what is known as Newton’s First Law, which stipulates that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The same is true for our bodies when we have to perform some task or meet some target. Learn about reducing holiday stress.

Stress and Parenting

There are few things that can lead to chronic stress in this world more than the parental stress suffered by many parents (especially early on!). However, this does not have to be the case. Raising children definitely requires a great deal of patience probably more than any other activity.

Stress and Teenagers

Our contemporary society presents many circumstances that encourage stress for teenagers. A chief potential stressor is right in the home: parents. That is not to say that parents cause teen stress. Teens are also self-responsible individuals.

Stressed at Work

Have you ever wondered what stressed at work really means? It has a dual meaning. First, it refers to the stress that you undergo while you are on the job. Second, it means that stress is literally at work on you and perhaps you experience unpleasant consequences.

Stress Relief at Work

If you are placed in an almost impossible situation, this will certainly lead to stress. Many times you may be give unrealistic deadlines to meet useless goals. To top it off, you have an unreasonable manager breathing down your neck. This is all too common in the workplace. However, people who find themselves in this kind of a situation still have options to deal with work related stress.

Financial Issues

Finances can also be a huge issue and cause stress. It’s crucial to understand how to budget and manage your finances allowing you to relax about “money issues”.

Stress Management Technique Resources

Learning to apply stress management techniques is a very rewarding way to relieve stress. In just minutes each day you can be relaxed and feeling well. There are many stress management resources available today to learn how to eliminate bad stress from your life.

Addicted to Stress: A Woman’s 7 Step Program to Reclaim Joy and Spontaneity

Loretta is a stress management expert (and of course we all know her as an awesome radio personality.) What she offers in this book is original and may very well be your answer to overcoming your daily stressors and building up your resistance to the pressures that can overwhelm you.

There are many different psychological and physiological benefits of relaxation. By incorporating relaxation into your life, you can drastically reduce the stress levels in the body, and also optimize your health in general.

There are also a number of neurological benefits of meditation. This includes those that are directly related to the physical body, the mentality, and the spiritual position that the individual has.

The best 10 stress relieving techniques are those that are easy to use, are learned quickly, and easy to apply.

Eliminating tension through muscle relaxation techniques takes only a few minutes each day.

Meditation Techniques are used every day and help lower blood pressure, make breathing easier, and relieve insomnia and every day stress.

Learning to breathe properly makes a difference in meditation. Some excellent sources for relaxation breathing techniques, how to breath out stress and Yoga breathing techniques to breath properly.

The technique called “Guided Imagery” is an effective stress management method used by thousands of people. It has a calming affect, reduces tension and promotes health.

Self Hypnosis is a natural state of mind which is defined as an intense state of concentration allowing you to make suggestions and is very effective.

In today’s world of modern science and technological advancements, many individuals are still turning to meditation in order to accomplish certain mental and health benefits. The benefits of meditation are becoming more well known every day.

Mindfulness meditation is a form of relaxation and focus that many individuals are starting to be drawn to.

Reiki meditation is a form of meditation that was originally used in Japan. It was used in hopes of healing. It has been believed that when an individual experiences this type of meditation, they encounter an optimization in the area of homeostasis.

There are many benefits of yoga meditation techniques. This is why so many individuals search for yoga meditation techniques that they can use in their daily lives.

Zen meditation is growing extremely popular. Originally starting with the Buddhist believing individuals of Zen, this technique has spread throughout the world, and is now popular everywhere.

In-home relaxation products are a very broad topic and range from products that heighten your senses to products that drown out disturbances. You can use items such as indoor water features or indoor fireplaces. Learn more about how to create a relaxing environment at home.

The holidays can be a very stressing time. Try these holiday stress tips so you can relax and enjoy your holidays. And give yourself a holiday treat… aromatherapy is another awesome stress management technique you may want to consider using.

The benefits of therapeutic massage in relation to stress are quite outstanding. This can help decrease your levels of stress hormones and chemicals which will slow the rate of your heart, metabolism, respiration and your blood pressure.

Accomplishing a good balance in your life is critical. Make time for fun and enjoyable activities to offset the stressful incidents. Take the time to apply the stress management techniques and make a difference in your life.

Loretta works with clients dealing with stress in their lives. Through the use of stress management techniques and practical methods, Loretta has helped many overcome stress and live healthier, happy lives.

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