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Stretch Marks Removal Plan: The Causes and How to Treat from Home


Everyone searching for the perfectly fit and healthy body will undoubtedly discover, at some point or other in their lives, that they have stretch marks. They are not very beautiful things, and can often look very painful. The red and purple lines just seem to appear one day, and although they don’t necessarily hurt, they can be really embarrassing. No one wants stretch marks, and if you do have them, you are probably looking for a better understanding of them so that you can get rid of them.

Stretch marks are created when your skin is stretched very quickly, and the skin cells cannot grow quickly enough. The damage that you see is actually formed in the dermis, which is a layer of your skin between the under layers right by your flesh, and the skin that you put moisturiser on. This tearing isn’t as painful as it sounds, but it does create the bruising that we call stretch marks.

However, you should know that not all stretch marks are exactly the same; for a start, you can get stretch marks from many different reasons. Many young women will get stretch marks on their breasts if they grow very quickly during puberty, and both young men and young men can gain stretch marks on their thighs if they grow very tall very quickly. Some people will gain stretch marks if they gain a lot of muscle very quickly, especially if they are body builders, and for those that are on hormone replacement therapy, stretch marks are a very common side effect. Lastly, many women will gain stretch marks around their tummies when they are pregnant. In fact, it is believed that up to 90% of women who are pregnant will have stretch marks in some degree.

As you can see from the different ways that you can get stretch marks, it is almost impossible to predict when and where you will get them. Some people can experience a terrible loss of self confidence when they develop stretch marks, because they believe that to have a perfect body they cannot have any blemishes. But stretch marks are not cellulite; you can not always do anything about stretch marks, whereas you can keep to a healthy diet to avoid cellulite and other blemishes

Many women who gain stretch marks through carrying a baby often carry those stretch marks with pride, and so they should! It is evidence of the wonderful job that they have done, and all that they have sacrificed in order to carry that child. On the other hand, even if you are a little bit proud of them, that does not mean that you want to carry them around for the rest of your life! The causes of stretch marks may be infinite, but there are many different cures that people have tried in order to reduce the appearance of your stretch marks, and many of them claim that their cures can even do away with stretch marks altogether. We have gone through some of the most popular cures here, so you can make up your mind on the best one for you:

Prevention is better than cure.

Most people would argue that it is infinitely better not to have to deal with stretch marks in the first place! That is why they favor the ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach. They argue that if you never get stretch marks in the first place, you will never have to bother trying any other recipe. However, this is often much easier said than done. Hormone replacement therapy is a trusted and often medically necessary form of medical care, and you cannot hope to have a child without running the risk of pregnancy related stretch marks. However, there are things that you can do to try to ensure that stretch marks do not become too bad in the first place. Some recommend seaweed wraps, and special oils and lotions that you can rub onto your pregnant belly as you go through your pregnancy. Sadly, none of these have been proved effective, although many will swear by them.

Laser treatment.

Used for many types of stretch marks, as well as acne and other skin conditions, laser treatment is often used to remove the top layer of skin so that it can grow back completely healthy. The damaged skin goes into over drive ensuring that the skin is replaced, and it means that usually, totally normal skin will grow back. It does not hurt, exactly, but it is certainly a little uncomfortable, and you will have to go back for several treatments in order to be completely successful. This is a great choice for someone that is committed to removing their stretch marks, and is not worried about a little more trips to the doctor.

Creams and lotions.

The vast majority of people that have stretch marks will use creams and lotions in order to try to remove the initial redness, and hopefully aid the skin in repairing itself. It is very important that if you are carrying a baby that you always make sure that you read the safety precautions of the cream or lotion that you have purchased. Studies have shown that some creams and lotions contain teratogen, a very strong chemical, can actually harm the development of growing babies. You should never, under any circumstances, use anything with this in. If your stretch marks are really bad, you may be prescribed a cream called retinoids, which are special steroids that can help your skin.

Stretch marks are a fact of life, and we will all have them at some point. You can either choose to keep them, or pro-actively ensure that your body has the extra help that it needs to heal itself. Whatever you decide to use, you will probably have to spend many months, if not a year or two, if you are serious about removing your stretch marks.

Does Coconut Oil Help For Stretch Marks?

It’s a joy to give birth to a baby and bring new life into this world. However, while many women return to their normal weight after pregnancy, it can leave behind noticeably stretch marks on the belly. These stretch marks are often highly noticeable and keep many women from wearing the bikinis and bathing suits they owned before becoming pregnant.

What is true about stretch marks is that while they will never fully go away, they can fade to the point of not being noticeable when using the right product. There are hundreds of skin lotions and similar products that promise to help fade stretch marks to the point of near invisibility. However, one of the cheapest and most effective is coconut oil.

How does Coconut Oil Work on Stretch Marks?

Coconut oil has many different applications, but it is one of the best skin moisturizers you can buy. In addition to being one of the best products to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, it also can help prevent their formation as well. This is because coconut oil adds moisturizers to the skin so it can stretch more readily without forming stretch marks.

You will need to purchase some coconut oil during the early stages of your pregnancy and start applying it to your belly and sides of the torso which are the most vulnerable areas for stretch marks. You should start applying the oil when you first notice your baby bump and keep up the daily routine during and after your pregnancy.

While even the best of skin care will not prevent all stretch marks from occurring, using coconut oil regularly will greatly reduce the appearance of the stretch marks that develop.

The Advantages of Using Coconut Oil.

There are several advantages to using coconut oil in reducing the appearance of stretch marks on the skin. You will certainly need to follow the directions and apply the oil every day so that it will last long enough to properly hydrate the skin.

All-Natural: Virgin or pure coconut oil does not include any other ingredient and 100% natural which means that you can use it on your skin daily. Unless you have some type of allergic reaction which would be very rare indeed, coconut oil is perfectly safe to use.

Inexpensive: Even the best coconut oil products costs considerably less than many premium skin care lotions that are not nearly as effective. This means that you can actually save money while enjoying a superior product in reducing stretch marks.

Versatile: In addition to using coconut oil to reduce stretch marks, it can also be used as a total skin care product as well. Lip balm, facial and body scrub, shaving lotion, makeup remover and even diaper rash cream. The moisturizing properties that make coconut oil the perfect stretch mark reducer are also highly effective in taking care of your skin.

Coconut oil has proven to be very effective in reducing stretch marks on the skin and even help prevent them from forming as well. When you consider all the positive benefits, purchasing coconut oil may be the best investment that you make in caring for your skin.

Here are some ways, by Leah, to reduce stretch marks naturally.


  1. Anne

    Wow, amazing detox blog! How long have you been blogging on cleanses?

    you make blogging look easy. I am trying to get back into shape after my baby was born. The overall look of your site is magnificent,
    as well as the content!

  2. Karla

    I’m in week 40 of my pregnancy with no stretch marks. I am on my 3rd order of dermelastic serum. They last me about a month each and I started using around week 24. I do not have a genetic history of stretch marks (Mom, Sister), but still wanted to make sure I took care of my growing stomach and prevented what I could. Seems to have worked!

  3. Alycia

    I highly recommend dermelastic serum for new moms. My stretch marks are barely visible, not gone by any means, but not purple and prominent like they used to be!

  4. Priscilla

    it really obvious I had stretch mark at the age of 16 have read a lot of article of how to cure it n had tried a lot of home remedies but it seem to grow even bigger I now to hide my body during summer im now relieved to know it normal thanks alot

  5. Unknown

    This may come to a shock to people, or maybe not but I am now 13 years old and when I was 12 years old… I got stretch marks. I cry over them all the time wishing I could go back in time and change the past. But I need to face reality and live with them for the rest of my life. I cry over them all the time because I was dumb and I didn’t tell my parents for a week or two about my stretch mark. so they rapidly got worse. I remember the exact day I got them and which leg the stretch marks started on. They started June 27th of 2016 I remember the exact day because it was a day before I turned 13. I cry and say “what a great birthday gift.” I got my stretch marks on my inner thighs if you didn’t catch on. I am especially sad that I got them because I play volleyball and you wear tight little spandex which don’t go to well with my stretch marks. So my advice is, is to always tell your parents if something is wrong or tell your doctor immediately.

    • Akosua

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with stretch marks at that age, trust me. I am a girl and I also got stretch marks when I was 12 probably due to my sporty lifestyle. When i found out, all i felt was ‘meh’. Then later, as I became older, I started to appreciate the beauty in those scars. To me they are like body art. Gorgeous. If we can accept tattoos I see no reason why we shouldn’t embrace and love our naturally given scars.

    • Unknown

      I’m the same way I got my thighs right down to my calfs I got big legs and lots of stretch marks from my calfs up to my hips I’ve been meaning to tell my parents but I’m too scared but stretch marks are just a thing that happens in life and they can be treated if early enough but mine make me feel embrassed because I gained close to 30 pounds in under a month which caused mine but I’m just gonna embrace them and live with them and learn from my mistakes from my eating habits I’m 13 and puberty is causing all this anyways just remember you’re beautiful even if you got marks on your legs girlie:)

  6. venus

    As my weight has changed over the years and being pregnant, I have silver lines/stretch marks on my upper legs and abdomen. I have previously so many creams, but this time I decided to go with the Lady Soma Stretch Mark Cream. I have been it applying on my upper legs and abdomen for just over a week now. The cream absorbs nicely in to the skin, leaving no oily residue behind.

    My skin instantly felt softer and even though I have not seen drastic results, the stretch marks do appear to be a slight fader. Maybe, after using this product for longer than a week, I may see more of an improvement.

  7. Smoilie

    Thanks for the share. I appreciate the applications and of coconut oil mentioned in this article. I want to add that extra virgin organic coconut oil have ultimate uses. Know about it at

  8. charis

    me,my mum has stretch marks only on her legs,so this affects all my sister’s and aii as well but now have read about how to prevent it not only with cream’s…!

  9. Lena

    I’m one of those lucky gals that don’t have to worry about stretch marks. I didn’t use any magic lotions, I didn’t have a certain diet, it’s just my ADN heritage. My mom is overweight and she doesn’t have a single stretch mark so don’t let yourself fooled into thinking stretch marks are a result of a single factor because this is not true at all.

    Agreed, preventing is the best key but we also have to banish this negative perception we have regarding them. If a woman ends up having her tummy covered in stretch marks after giving birth to her first child this doesn’t mean she’s less beautiful or that she needs to constantly cover it. I don’t see the media making a big fuss about men and stretch marks and believe me, men have them as well!!!!

  10. Ava

    I think that a good way to avoid having stretch marks is to actually use creams and lotions all the time. Use them everyday whenever you have the time because your skin needs to be hydrated and get its vitamins every day. I use creams 2-3 times daily and my skin looks great at 44!

  11. Tammy

    You are right. Stretch marks are not beautiful at all. Wow! I had no idea that people can get stretch marks if they gain a lot of muscle quickly! Wow! Seaweed wraps sound great! I have also read that eating seaweed is good for the body, too.
    Also, I was told that cocoa butter is the best thing to use to cure stretch marks. Eventhough I have stretch marks, I never got upset about having them. Nor did I fuss about it. Surprisingly, I never got any stretch marks while I was pregnant with my child.

  12. Lara

    We all have marks we don’t like but you can thank the media for making us feel bad about them. We need to learn to embrace what we can’t change. Also, I agree that you should prevent them. This is the same with aging. If you start treating your skin in your 20’s with care, you will not age nearly as fast. Great post. I will be using these tips for myself.

  13. Mariatu

    I like this article because it is honest and realistic. Stretchmarks are a fact of life and very hard to get rid of completely. After I had my first child, I paid for several lotions and potions that promised to get rid of them and they were a complete waste of money! Now, I just try and keep my body as fit as possible and use a good self tanning cream which is good for reducing their appearance.

  14. Jenny

    As a sufferer of stretch marks I am always looking for ways to reduce and/eliminate. Lotions, potions…you name it I’ve probably tried it. At the moment I’m on with a coffee body scrub, once ir twice a week… far pretty good!

  15. Belinda

    Most people have stretch marks. Even on the world’s most beautiful people you can see the stretch marks on their skin. I have noticed since I got a digital TV with a big screen I can see the actors mostly have very bad skin. Stretch marks are ugly but since most people have them, it’s probably a good idea to try and live with them. They fade with age until you can hardly see them. Some of them are only visible in certain lights.

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