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If you desire a career in radiology, you will need to choose between being a Radiologic Technician or a Radiologic Technologist. Many people don’t realize that there is a difference between the two, but there is a vast difference. Technicians use x-ray machines for diagnostic purposes, while Technologists use other equipment, such as Computerized Tomography, or CT Scans and Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI machines. Technologists also do mammograms.

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Whether you will be a Radiologic Technologist or a Radiologic Technician, you will need training. Many hospitals offer on-the-job training, but only to those who have certain college classes under their belt, or those who are already educated and working in another medical field. At the very least, you will need an associate’s degree, but there are also some quality certificate programs that can be used for an entry level position, or to enter into a hospital on-the-job training program. Otherwise, you may need a bachelor’s degree. Even a certificate program takes almost two years to complete.

Additionally, you will need a license to work in this field. These licenses are offered from state to state, and you can check with your State’s Health board to learn more about what is required for your state. You will also need certification. Certification is offered through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, or ARRT. Passing this certification exam often satisfies the state’s requirements for licensing as well. You must also participate in continuing education classes to be recertified every two years.

Although Technologists use more advanced equipment than Radiologic Technicians, the pay is about the same for both professionals. The average income is $52,000 annually, but can go as high as $75,000 annually, or as low as $35,000. The amount of that you command depends on your education, as well as the demand for your profession in the area where you live and work, as well as the budget of the health institution that you work for.

Radiology Resources

Course Title: Post Baccalaureate Radiologist Assistant – Certificate
Name of Company: The University of North Carolina
Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States
Description: This is a certificate program for those who already hold a bachelor’s degree. This program combines on-campus instruction with online instruction.
Resources: http://online.northcarolina.edu/program.php?id=261

Course Title: Radiologic Science Administration Undergraduate Program
Name of Company: Saint Joseph’s College of Maine
Location: 278 Whites Bridge Road, Standish, Maine, United States
Description: The programs offered through Saint Joseph’s College of Maine include the Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Science Administration and the Associate of Science in Radiologic Science Administration.
Resources: http://online.sjcme.edu/radiologic-science-programs.php

Course Title: Online Radiologic Technology Program
Name of Company: Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts
Location: San Mateo, California, United States
Description: This school offers Associate’s degrees and certificates in the field of Radiology, with courses and programs available online for busy adults.
Resources: http://www.medacademy.org/articles/online-radiologic-technology-program

Course Title: Various Radiology Courses
Name of Company: American College of Radiology
Location: 1891 Preston White Drive, Reston, Virginia, United States
Description: This organization offers online instruction which is mainly targeted towards certification and continuing education credits – and not a complete education.
Resources: http://www.acr.org/

Course Title: Radiography – Advanced Placement Track
Name of Company: PIMA Medical Institute
Location: Houston, Texas, United States
Description: This is an online program that was designed for students who have had previous radiography education.
Resources: http://pmi.edu/online/careers/online_rad.asp

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