Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Sun Allergy: Why Exactly? And What to Do.


Some people who have mild sun allergies will not even realize that they have the allergy at all.

In fact in most cases, people just think they are suffering from sunburns after spending a little time in the sun.

Even though we do not hear about it this is actually a common problem throughout the country.

Understanding Sun Allergies

Allergies from the sun mostly occur when the immune system has a reaction to the sunlight itself.

Some cases are more severe and people end up with a red itch rash after only spending a few minutes in the sunlight.

The rash mostly appears every where that a sunburn would, the backs of the hands and outer arms, the back of the neck and the legs.

These rashes tend to go away after a couple of days so there is really no need to worry over it and run to the hospital.

You can purchase some over the counter anti-allergy cream and some anti-itch cream to spread on the affected area.

A warm bath can also soothe the rash to help you cope with it better.

Avoid scratching the rash as this will only irritate it more.

Most people do not develop severe sun allergies.

However there are some people that will develop hives or blisters that not only show up on the exposed skin but also on the parts of skin that were covered.

In this case you would be better off talking to your doctor before putting any kind of cream on your raw skin.

Over the counter medications can work for the blisters or hives but it is better to talk with with your doctor to be sure.

Blisters and hives have been known to become infected. If you have a mild to severe sun allergy it is best that you do not sunbathe.

If you have to work outside, always remember to wear sun block. Also wear protective clothing before leaving the house and apply the sun block regularly throughout the day.

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