Monday, October 26, 2020

Supplementation for Macular Degeneration


I have been waiting a long time to write this blog posy, literally for years…

There is a horrible disease called age related macular degeneration (AMD), the most common cause of blindness in the United States. To date, there are no existing treatments approved by the FDA for the most common form, the so called “dry form.” But there is a laser therapy approved for the “wet form” that actually makes your vision worse after the treatment. On the nutrition side, there was a study done called AREDS that utilized high-doses of vitamins C and E, beta carotene and zinc. The only benefit with these nutrients was a slowing in progression for a small minority of patients; for the vast majority, it did not have any effect on vision. Now the good news!

A U.S. government study will be published this coming week in the peer review medical journal, Optometry, Journal of the American Optometric Association. This groundbreaking study demonstrated that supplementation can not only stabilized macular degeneration (the most common cause of blindness in the United States), but actually improved vision to a level of statistical significance.

As a way of some background, I would like to briefly share the supplements story. Several years ago, an ophthalmologist approached the company suggesting that we formulate a product to promote healthy vision. After thoroughly reviewing the medical literature, combined with creative and unique formulation work, supplements was born. It was subsequently granted a U.S. patent. As customers began using the product, we began hearing back anecdotal reports about the incredible benefits, especially for macular degeneration patients.

Dr. Stuart Richer, a world-leading authority on nutrition and eye disease with the Chicago Veteran’s Administration Hospital, likewise heard of these success stories and soon after approached the company asking if we would participate in a clinical trial. The 90-patient clinical trial eventually got under way. In this double-blinded study, participants were randomly assigned to receive either supplements (39 nutrients, including 10 mg of FloraGLO lutein), 10 mg of FloraGLO lutein alone, or placebo.

As a side note, the supplement in question uses 200 mg of the standardized FloraGLO lutein to provide the 10 mg of elemental lutein; many companies may say 6 – 20 mg, but it is not elemental. Even worse, the most popular multi-vitamin claiming to have lutein only contains a worthless dose of 250 mcg (1/4 of a mg). 10 mg is 40X this dosage.

When the one-year study was completed, the results were nothing less than fantastic. Those individuals treated with either lutein alone or supplements showed a statistically significant improvement in not only visual function, but also in other important aspects of vision, including contrast sensitivity. Supplemented patients also had a better overall improvement in contrast sensitivity (quality of vision) and glare recovery, when compared to placebo or lutein alone.

As an added benefit, those individuals taking supplements did not suffer any deaths or major cardiovascular events. However, those individuals who took the placebo or lutein alone suffered a total of 3 deaths and 4 major cardiovascular events, including the need for angioplasty in 3 participants and one individual suffering a stroke. We believe this is no accident. When supplements was formulated, it was designed to be a whole body supplement with an emphasis on protecting vision. Many of the nutrients that we use to promote healthy vision also promote a healthy cardiovascular system.

We have lots of wonderful stories from many of the study’s participants, describing the benefits they received by taking supplements. One individual in particular, Mr. Sam Calucci, who is an 84-year old WWII Veteran, had taken supplements and noted significant improvement in his vision. At one point in the study, he switched over to the lutein alone and his vision deteriorated. When he again switched back to supplements, his vision once again began improving. He proudly reports that his vision is now 20/20 and he never fails to take his daily dose of supplements capsules.

An optometrist, Dr. Tere Porter (who was not in the study), was losing his vision because of macular degeneration, and started taking supplements several years ago. He had tried several so-called “vision vitamins,” but found no benefits. Dr. Porter was ready to retire and believed he would be blind very soon. However, after starting supplements, he documented the reversal of his vision loss and to this day, he has maintained significant improvement in his vision and his practice of optometry. We would like to thank Dr. Tere Porter for his support and for sharing these results with Dr. Richer, which led to this study.

The results of this study are beginning to get a lot of media attention. Brief details of this study have already been seen by millions of people on television. As the weeks unfold, you may start to read and hear more about this.

We are looking forward to helping the millions of people who suffer with macular degeneration as this news becomes more widely known. You do not have to be suffering with macular degeneration to take supplements. It is a terrific multi-nutrient product that provides many health benefits, not only from a vision standpoint, but also for cardiovascular health, immunity, and as an overall well-being enhancer.


If you have any family or friends who are suffering with macular degeneration or are at risk, I recommend they research possible supplementation with:

  • zinc – 80 mg (as zinc oxide)
  • beta-carotene – 15 mg.
  • vitamin E – 400 IU.
  • vitamin C – 500 mg.
  • copper – 2 mg (as cupric oxide)

The benefits of this combo have worked better than anything else we have tested or found studies on.

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