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Sweating and Detox


Building up a complete body sweat from a workout can be a great way to clean the skin, clear your skin pores and feel invigorated. Sweating is the body’s way to eliminate certain unwanted chemicals, like ureas (primarily undigested proteins), salts and toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Sweating helps keep the body cool, like a natural evaporative cooler which uses air and water to lower the surrounding temperature.

Blocking any form of sweat, especially under our arms, is an unnatural event and is counter productive. If you are concerned with how you smell then eat fruits and vegetables, not meat and animal products. Strict vegetarians do not have any arm pit odor. The odor in the arm pit comes from bacteria interacting with the sweat. If the sweat is loaded with protein waste from animal products then the bacteria have a field day. The sweat does not smell. The bacteria feeding on it does.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and along with the lungs, kidneys, bowels, liver and lymphatic system helps the detox process. The water based sweat is the end result of converting toxins that started out as an oil or lipid based entity and ends up getting flushed out through the pores.

Since the stone age mankind has used sweat baths and that’s why every culture has a name for it: Romans called it Thermae, the Japanese have their Onsen, the Russians call it Banya, North American Indians have their Inipi, the Turks have the Turkish bath and the Finnish have the Sauna. We here in America use the same word as the Fins: Sauna.

There are some techniques that you can employ to help get your body into a complete sweat and this kind of sweat does the most good. You know about exercise. Saunas and steam baths are another great way to take advantage of a complete sweat. Home models have come way down in price. High quality steam units and saunas can be purchased for under $1000. Many health clubs have saunas and steam rooms. Also water can be added to the sauna rocks to produce steam.

Please do not under estimate the value of complete sweating. The most famous case of its use concerned the 9/11 responders and how many of them were able to overcome heavy toxic loads by sweating it out. The story has many tentacles and some claim that the sweating treatment the first responders used did not work. But when you did deep into the story you find that the results seems to show that it did have some impact . It’s worth taking a detailed and close look at because this simple method of healing and rejuvenation is available to everyone and should be used more often.

The events surrounding the attack on New York City on September 11th, 2001 are deeply engrained in our minds and in our history. I will never forget the news that day. I watched in horror and shock as thousands of people were killed and injured. I remember going to the top of the Trade Towers years before and feeling very uneasy because the height was so great. We were taken by surprise and thousands of responders jumped into action.

The cleanup involved removing the debris and it was a formidable task. A multitude of workers came from all walks of life to help. When the buildings went down large volumes of dangerous materials were released into the air and remained on the ground. The story of the cleanup is well documented and also documented are the health challenges that followed. In an effort to be of help, Tom Cruise, the movie star. offered his money and knowledge to implement: “The New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project”. It was based upon The Church of Scientology detox program and Tom Cruise is a member of the Church.

A great deal of misinformation surrounds the Detox Project. Here’s the bottom line. Most of the people who used the program had remarkable recoveries from their multitude of symptoms: depression, anger, low motivation, pulmonary and digestive tract disorders, airway dysfunction, reflux disease, malignancies and much more. This conclusion was reached by a team of expert medical scientists who conducted an in depth study of the participants and it was published, here is the link to the PDF file:

The Detox Project had as its primary weapon to restore health, the sauna. The details of how it was used along with other aids is in the link above. Basically, as I stated they sweat the toxins out and their health was greatly improved. The results of the study stated that 84% of the participants no longer needed any medication after the Detox and most reported a complete cessation of symptoms.

One case in particular demonstrates these benefits. The full details can be found in one of the best articles ever written on the Detox Program and its positive outcomes:

The story centers around Mike Wire and was written in 2007. Mike was 60 at the time. A retired heavy equipment expert he was called in to help rig cranes to remove fallen girders. He spent 2 1⁄2 weeks at ground zero. And as a result, this big 6 foot 6 inch man came down with a host of symptoms: depression, ill temper, acid reflux, mood swings, aching joints, shortness of breath. He decided to do the Detox Program.

“His treatment included the dry sauna. The temperature ranges from 140 to 180 degrees and it induces profuse perspiration. He was given plenty to drink and monitored carefully. After a half-hour, he took a break and a shower. He snacked on peppers, carrots and cucumbers and replenished sodium, potassium and other minerals. Then it was back to the sauna. He repeated the cycle – sauna/shower, sauna/shower – for 2 1/2 hours, day after day.

After 35 consecutive days of treatment, Wire was pronounced detoxified.

His shortness of breath, his acid reflux, his aches and pains, his gloomy outlook, all gone. “I feel great,” Wire says. “I’m much healthier, more invigorated and involved in life.” (Excerpt from the article listed above)

The benefits of sweating are numerous:

  1. Increased blood flow helps the hair become stronger and fuller
  2. It helps reduce wrinkles – skin elasticity and tone are improved
  3. Acne is helped because pores clean out from sweating
  4. Toxins are flushed out of the system
  5. Sweat helps heal wounds on our body
  6. Sweat kills harmful bacteria on our skin because it contains antibiotics
  7. It helps prevent kidney stones
  8. Sweating improves moods
  9. It reduces pain levels
  10. It cools the body
  11. Sweating relaxes you


  1. NG

    In oriental medicine, sweat is one of the resins in the body and heart controls it. Blood and urine are also in the same line with sweat. After some hard physical exercise or when suffering from flu, people are sweating much and then feel helplessness in the body. This is because other than water, ‘yang-ki’ is also oozing out from the body.
    If someone is sweating more than others, he or she may contain that much heat in the body. With the heat in excess, constipation or suffocating can occur.
    When someone is weak, easily surprised and sweating much, he or she does not keep the resin inside the body well. In this case, more effort for sweating like physical exercise or the sauna bathing is harmful to the body.
    When the face feels so hot or the cold sweat are seen in hands and feet, that is one of the climacteric changes easily found in the women in that period.
    When the sweat is coming out from the head, it is caused by the damp-heat inside the body. This case is common for people who frequently enjoy drinking and lack the physical exercise.
    Even some people are worrying that sweating is made on the only one(half) side of the body. Then, it should be doubted. It may be one of the foreboding symptoms of palsy.

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