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Swiss Ball


If you’ve been to the gym lately, you’ve probably seen a Swiss Ball. This type of ball is an exercise ball, but it is not to be confused with a medicine ball. A medicine ball is much heavier, and this type of ball is made of soft elastic PVC. There are various sizes of balls available, from fourteen to thirty four inches in diameter. Users of this type of exercise ball can increase or decrease the air in the ball with the use of a valve that is installed in the ball.

Where Did the Swiss Ball Come From?

This wonderful exercise tool was developed by Aquilino Cosani in 1963. Although he was from Italy, these are called Swiss Balls because they were first used by a doctor in Switzerland for infants and newborns that had physical problems. From there, the use of the balls, as well as their popularity grew in leaps and bounds within the medical community, and now they are available and widely used outside of the medical community as well. Today, these balls have appeared in gyms around the world, and many people also purchase them for home use as well. They can also be found in most physical therapy offices and clinics as well.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Swiss Ball?

This type of exercise ball is used for exercise, but also used for physical therapy and athletes also use it for training purposes. These balls are used to improve balance and stability, and also used as resistance devices in exercise to increase muscle strength. Typically, these balls are used in exercise to increase the muscle strength and flexibility of the muscles in the abdomen and the back. Strengthening both sets of these muscles helps to prevent back injuries in the future.

Are there Additional Uses for a Swiss Ball?

There are additional uses for the Swiss Ball, which is probably why it is also known as a birth ball, a body ball, a therapy ball, and so many other names. Many people opt to sit on this type of ball, instead of a chair, because they find it more comfortable, and healthier for their backs. They are also able to continually get a workout while they are sitting as well. Many women also use this type of ball while they are in labor, as it is believed to help speed the delivery of the child, and it also reportedly helps with the pain of the contractions.  These balls are also used in a wide variety of exercise programs, as opposed to only having one use in the world of exercise. These exercises include yoga and Pilates.

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