Monday, June 1, 2020

Tai Chi


The ancient art of Tai Chi uses slow and gentle flowing movements to improve health and alleviate stress. Some people even describe it as ‘meditation in motion’. You can gain inner peace finding yourself only in the moment and leaving all other stressors behind by going through the slow rhythmic motions.  The practice appeals to people of every age and has many benefits.

Origins of Tai Chi

The ancient art of Tai Chi incorporates several approaches to the movement styles.  These can range from the very old and historic moves to the more recent movements. Varying styles have their own characteristics and are named for the family who created the style. A few examples of such names and various styles would be Sun, Chen or Yang. The flowing movements called the form are non strenuous, relaxed and flowing.  The gentle and soft flowing moves make it appealing to all types of people of every age and regardless of fitness level. They are a nonstop sequence of moves. The styles have their own unique presentation identifying it from others based on the postures used, the order in which they are presented, how the postures are performed and the length of time the form takes to complete.

Benefits of Tai Chi

You can enhance the flow of vital energy to the body with a combination of meditation, breathing and movement.  In doing this you will not only experience improved mental but also improved physical well being. Tai Chi helps to align the skeletal system and the joints correctly, it stimulates circulation and aids in improved digestion.  You will see improved balance and coordination.  Muscle toning, increased strength and improvements in breathing are also noted benefits.  This art focuses on the mind and the body working together as one.  You will find yourself not just more physically fit but more alert and mentally focused.

Philosophy of Tai Chi

The philosophy and the purpose in all styles of tai chi are the same.  When practiced the movements are said to cause streams of energy to flow throughout the body and mind.  Chi which means life energy is said to follow the mind and each posture provokes a different flow of life energy giving an overall and beneficial effect throughout the mind and body.

When watching a practiced form it appears smooth, elegant and effortless.  This does take practice and it is recommended that if you decide to take up this practice that you seek the advice of a good and experienced teacher who can guide and motivate you.

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